Our school - judged as "Good" - Ofsted May 2017
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Andover Church of England Primary School

Striving for Excellence in a happy,secure and Christian environment

Who’s Who

Come and Meet the Staff 

Senior Leadership Team 

Picture 1 Head Teacher Melanie Beardsley
Picture 2 Deputy Headteacher (Juniors) Samanatha Scott

Early Years Team 

Picture 1 Reception Teacher Charlotte Taylor
Picture 2 Reception LSA Stacey Evans
Picture 3 Reception LSA Nicola Webb
Picture 4 Reception LSA Georgina McSeveney

Key Stage 1 Team

Picture 1 Year 1 LSA Ruth Spooner
Picture 2 Year 2 LSA Caroline Munnery
Picture 3 Infant Higher Level LSA GIllian Addison
Picture 4 Year 1 LSA Sue Rampton
Picture 5 Lyanne Morrison Year 1 Teacher
Picture 6 Barbara Maddocks Year 2 Teacher

Lower Key Stage 2 Team

Picture 1 Jane Selwood Year 3 LSA
Picture 2 Marie Hook Year 4 LSA
Picture 3 Sam Martin Year 3 Teacher
Picture 4 Kirsty Whalley Class Teacher
Picture 5 Tiffany Markham Y4 Teacher
Upper Key Stage 2 Team
Picture 1 Year 5 Teacher Samatha Scott
Picture 2 Year 5/6 LSA Sheila Mildenhall
Picture 3 Junior Higher Level LSA Teresa Juliffe
Picture 4 Year 6 Teacher Rosie Slowen
Picture 5 Year 5/6 LSA Dani Maloney

Inclusion Team 

Picture 1 Inclusion Manager Fliss Davis
Picture 2 Interventions LSA Sue Honey
Picture 3 Pastoral Support Assistant Jon Burns
Picture 4 Interventions LSA Vicky Hannah

Administrative Staff 

Picture 1 Senior Administrative Officer Dawn Arlow
Picture 2 Senior Administrative Assistant Jeannie Lovell
Picture 3 Administrative Assistant Carrie Scanlan

Site Staff 

Picture 1 Caretaker Ron Moss
Picture 2 Cleaner Nicola Webb

Lunchtime Staff 

Picture 1 Head of Kitchen Michelle Mill
Picture 2 Catering Assistant Jessica Thomson
Picture 3 Senior Midday Supervisor Sheila Mildenhall
Picture 4 Midday Supervisor Gill Addison
Picture 5 Midday Supervisor Jane Selwood
Picture 6 Midday Supervisor Marie Hook
Picture 7 Midday Supervisor Nicola Webb
Picture 8 Midday Supervisor Ruth Spooner
Picture 9 Midday Supervisor Stacey Evans
Picture 10 Midday Supervisor Sue Honey
Picture 11 Midday Supervisor Teresa Juliff
Picture 12 Midday Supervisor Sue Rampton
Picture 13 Midday Supervisor Caroline Munnery
Picture 14 Midday Supervisor Daniella Maloney