School Finishes Friday 20th July and will re-open Wednesday 5th September.
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Y4 Residential

Monday 16th July
After a slow start we arrived at Stubbington and quickly settled in. The weather was beautiful and cool enough to enjoy our day. 
We started by building shelters to protect us from a fictional storm. Mrs Addison and I thought it would be best to test each and every shelter to make sure all shelters were waterproof! To our satisfaction...They were not ! 
This was followed by a hearty lunch and lots of happy children! 
During the afternoon, we explored the grounds on a scavanger hunt and made friends with children from other schools. We had the opportunity to spend some of our pocket money at the tuck shop and play on the adventure trail. We got creative with clay sculpting and wildlife photography.
This was followed by a lovely supper,showers and a bed time story.
All children were tucked up by 9pm and sound asleep by 10!
(not a tear was shed!) 

Tuesday 17th July


We survived the first night, although some of us didn't get much sleep !

The children started their day by blitzing their rooms ready for their inspection. Our girls won with the highest score of 18.5/20!


After a rather cloudy start we headed towards our first activity 'Earthquake'.

Earthquake meant that we had to work as a team again. The highlight of the experience was Lava Leap. Only two people, not mentioning any names ...Miss Markham and Harry, decided it would be a good idea to get their legs wet (understatement of the century)

After a delicious lunch, we were ready for an exciting game of Stubbington Fox. Mrs Addison and Miss Markham took great joy in jumping out, stamping the children and scaring Mrs Radcliffe and Mrs Skelly....Fear NOT, Mrs Juliff was "stamp-eaded".

Our after tea challenge was to solve the mystery of the missing treasure. Six sneaky pirates ran riot around the grounds and we had to figure out who stole the loot.

For our final task, we had to wait for the sun to go down. We went to the 'hide' to watch the wonderful wildlife come to life-10 Badgers 4 Foxes. It was magical !


After all the excitement, we quickly settled down to bed ready for our last day tomorrow.


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