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Year 4

This Autumn term our music links to our Topic; Ancient Egyptians .
We will be leaning some new songs and will be thinking about how pieces of music are structured. There will be plenty of opportunities to compose music with instruments as well as our voices !
This year there will be an Amazing Egyptian performance that will provide all parents and guardians with the opportunity to watch their children perform their music and drama.
Below are the lyrics and song track to practice at home !
Many Thanks
Miss Markham ,Miss Munnery and Mrs Skelly
Year 4 Team

Welcome to Year 4

Mrs. Standley and Mrs Whalley are the Y4 teachers and Mrs. Hooks also helps us with our learning.

Please browse this page for exciting class information and pictures of things we've done.
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Maths Investigations

Maths Investigations 1
Maths Investigations 2
Maths Investigations 3
Maths Investigations 4
Maths Investigations 5
Maths Investigations 6
Maths Investigations 7
Maths Investigations 8
Maths Investigations 9
Maths Investigations 10
Maths Investigations 11
Maths Investigations 12
Maths Investigations 13

Roman Numeral Games

Roman Numeral Games 1
Roman Numeral Games 2
Roman Numeral Games 3
Roman Numeral Games 4
Roman Numeral Games 5
Roman Numeral Games 6
Roman Numeral Games 7

Investigating Ancient Egypt

Investigating Ancient Egypt 1
Investigating Ancient Egypt 2
Investigating Ancient Egypt 3
Investigating Ancient Egypt 4
Investigating Ancient Egypt 5
Investigating Ancient Egypt 6
Investigating Ancient Egypt 7
Investigating Ancient Egypt 8
Investigating Ancient Egypt 9
Investigating Ancient Egypt 10
Investigating Ancient Egypt 11
Investigating Ancient Egypt 12
Investigating Ancient Egypt 13
Investigating Ancient Egypt 14
Investigating Ancient Egypt 15
Investigating Ancient Egypt 16

Hello and welcome to Year 4!


Exciting times ahead this year for year 4.  Lots of interesting topics, day trips planned, a residential and to top it all of two teachers instead of one! How cool is that?  We hope that you have had an awesome summer and we are really looking forward to getting to know our pupils and having lots of fun.  Our topic in the Autumn term will be the Egyptians, we will be studying when they existed, how they lived and what have they left behind.  Year 4 will be heading to Highclere in October to visit the Tutankhamun exhibition.  Letters with more detail will be sent out shortly.

Homework Expectations:

Reading- a minimum of 4 times a week.  It is also great to read to an adult and to listen to an adult read to you.  To talk about the book and to predict the endings.  Did you like the book? If not, why not?

Times tables-It is important to know times tables up to 12

Egypt- Topic homework earn points at school. More details to follow.

Roald Dahl Day

Roald Dahl Day 1
Roald Dahl Day 2
Roald Dahl Day 3