INSET DAY - FRIDAY 21st June. Children do not need to be in school.
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Year R

Welcome to Hazel Class: Year R


Mrs Down is the Year R class teacher, assisted by Mrs McSeveney and Mrs Hannah. 
Please browse our class page to see photos of our learning and to learn more about how you can help your child at home. 
Tuesday is our PE day but please leave your PE kit in school all week as sometimes we also do PE on a Friday. 


During the second half of the summer term, our topic in Year R will be:

Magnificent Minibeasts.   
The children will be enjoying the outdoors - searching for minibeasts, identifying the many varities and learning about the life cycle of insects such as butterflies. 
We will be developing our phonics and writing skills in literacy and answering simple addition and subtraction questions in maths.
We will also be looking at the properties of both 2D and 3D shapes, and measuring the length and height of different objects. 

In literacy we will be learning about "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and "Superworm."



In the summer term we will continue learning to read. In our daily phonics sessions we learn about letters and the sounds they make. We then blend them together to read words. We also learn our key words and would like all children to have at least 45 key words by the end of the academic year. To achieve this we ask that you read with your child for ten minutes each day and listen to them read their key words. If your child reads 5 or more times a week they will be entered into our school reading raffle where they could win a book!

In maths we are learning to count to 100 so it would be great if you could count with your child on the way to school, ensuring that they are saying all of the numbers correctly (saying 17 and not 70). We are also learning to recognise numbers, shapes and money so please help your child by pointing out shapes and numbers on your way to school and going shopping with coins and notes. If you play any games from your maths packs or do any other maths learning at home (such as using My Maths/playing games on Topmarks maths) please record this in your maths booklet and you will be entered into our maths raffle

Our current topic is "Magnificent Minibeasts." We will focus on activities which allow the children to learn more about different insects and will be watching our own caterpillars hatching in the classroom!  
You can see our curriculum map below: 

Have a look at what we've been up to...

17.06.19 -
Today we have been watching our caterpillars move around in their individual pots. They have already grown so much since they arrived on Friday. 

07.06.19 - On Friday we tried lots of the different fruits which the "very hungry caterpillar" eats. The children then created a graph to find out which fruit was the most popular! 

21.03.19 - On Thursday 21st we went on a trip to New Farm in Kings Sombourne. We learned about where our food comes from and met lots of the animals on the farm. A huge thank you to all of the parent volunteers who helped to make the trip such a huge success. Below are a few photos from our trip: 
07.03.19 - World Book Day Celebrations! 


04.03.19 -
The children met some chicks and really enjoyed holding them! 


04.02.19 - We were invited to test out the new Andover library before the general public. Mandy read us some stories and we had a wonderful time. If you would like more information of signing up to the library please speak to a member of staff who will point you in the right direction. 


Thank you to everyone at Andover library! 

29.01.19 -
As part of our topic "People Who Help Us" we have been looking at the role of a vet. We went on a trip to a local vet surgery to learn more about what a vet does. 


Thank you to all of the staff at Strathmore Vets. 

08.01.19 -
Year R have come back from their Christmas break refreshed and ready to start the spring term! Our eco-council representatives have been out in the gardens helping Mr Bartram and Mr Collins to plant new seeds and bulbs.


12.12.18 - The children have been learning about the scales and weighing during their maths lessons. We have been making predictions about which objects will be heavier and testing our our predictions using the balance scales. 


05.12.18 The children went to "Santa's Christmas Party" at the Lights Theatre as a reward for their hard work and fantastic behaviour! 

04.12.18 - This week the children have been baking gingerbread people. They had to weigh out and mix the ingredients before rolling out the dough and cutting the shapes. After they had baked the gingerbread men, the children used decorative icing and sweets to finish them off. They looked very tasty! 


28.11.18 Gingerbread Men Escaping from Year R

Still image for this video
The "Santa Cam" in our classroom caught footage of the gingerbread men escaping from our classroom!

Here are some photos from our fundraising day for Children In Need. We covered our Pudsey in all the coins we had collected and did some Pudsey colourings. 


13.11.18 -
Year R went to the park and played on the equipment with their friends as a reward for filling up their pebble jar. Thank you to the parents that volunteered as helpers to make this trip possible. 

07.11.2018 - This week we have been using the PE equipment in the hall to practise our balancing, climbing and jumping. We had to listen carefully to our instructions and did a fantastic job! 


30.10.2018 - During our first weeks back after the half term we will be learning about the three little pigs. Yesterday we built junk model houses for the little pigs and today the big, bad wolf came to school and tried to blow them down! Luckily, we had built very strong houses for our pigs. 


16.10.2018 - The children have enjoyed playing with the puppet theatre today and have been using the kings and queens to retell some of the stories we have been learning. 


12.10.2018 - It has been very windy and the children have enjoyed watching the leaves turn brown and fall from the tree in our outdoor area. We used some of the leaves to make hedgehog pictures! The children have enjoyed using the brooms to sweep up the leaves from the playground. 

05.10.2018 - The children have been learning to build and write their names. This is something you could practise at home! 

28.09.2018 - The children have been talking about what makes each of us special and unique. They have been painting some beautiful self-portraits. We have decided to display all of them in the classroom.


22.09.2018 - This week we have been focusing on building relationships, learning our friends' names and settling into school.

Helpful Websites:

BBC Nursery Rhymes : A great website for singing and listening to classic nursery rhymes. 

Phonics Play : A website with more information about phonics as well as interactive games you can play with your child. 

Topmarks Maths : Games and interactive resources for counting, ordering numbers, matching amounts and much more! 

Bug Club : Every child in our school has their own login username and password so that they can access teacher-set reading books to read at home. Our school code is ando. Please speak to your class teacher if you are unsure of your child's login information. 

Crickweb : EYFS maths and literacy games. 

Letters and Sounds : A website with further information about phonics teaching. Interactive games you can play with your child to improve reading and letter recognition. 

To help your child at home you can: 
- Count with your child to 100. 
- Ask them which number comes after another: What's one more than 17?
- Include maths into your daily routines: I have 5 oranges and 3 apples. How many do I have altogether?
- Help your child to begin forming the numbers. 
- Recognise and name shapes in your home. Show your child how to describe the shapes: It has four corners and four sides. 
- Sing counting songs. 
- Practice your child's key words with them. 
- Listen to your child read their book and record your experiences in the home learning diary. 
- Read stories together and talk about the characters, setting and plot. 
- Sing nursery rhymes and play rhyming games. 
- Help your child to form the letters and ask them which sounds the letters make. 

If you would like further assistance in supporting your child's home learning please come and see me. 

Support with other areas of learning: 

The Early Years curriculum is made up of 7 different areas of learning: 

1. Communication and Language
2. Physical Development
3. Personal, Social and Emotional Development
4. Literacy
5. Mathematics
6. Understanding the World
7. Expressive Arts and Design

More information about the EYFS curriculum can be found at:

We voted in class to choose Yr R representatives for the School Council, Eco-Council and the Sports Council. 

Year R School Council 

Beatrice               and                   Lewis

Year R Eco-Council


Tabitha                 and                      Iris

Year R Sports Council 


Harriet                      and                 Franciszek