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Design Technology

Welcome to the Design Technology Page!

Below you will find information about the curriculum for Design Technology which we follow as well as examples of work the children have produced through exciting learning experiences. 

"Every great design begins with an even better story." - Lorinda Mamo

Mrs Down is the subject leader for Design Technology and would be happy to answer any questions you might have. If you have any DT resources you no longer need at home we are always very grateful for donations. Similarly if you are able to support the teaching of our DT curriculum and would like to volunteer your time, please make contact with me through the office. 

Our long term plan and provision for Design Technology can be downloaded and viewed below. These are the learning opportunities we offer every year but you will see from our DT page that we also complete one-off projects when the opportunity arises, for example our work on Englefield estate when we learned about the timber industry. 

Have a look at the exciting things happening in Design Technology!

December 2020 - Year 2 have been learning about food safety and hygiene this term before they designed and created their own Christmas biscuits. They tested out their ideas for decorating their biscuits before following instructions to make and bake the dough. 


March 2020 - Thank you to our volunteers who visited Year 5 to help them finish building and evaluating their Mars rovers. The children have worked hard to design and create their vehicles. 


March 2020 - During our STEM day, parents were invited into lower KS2 to join in with a bridge building competition. We had to buy our resources from the shop and the winner was the bridge which could carry the car safely across the valley we made using two tables. Testing our bridges was very exciting!



February 2020 - Lower KS2 went to Englefield Estate to watch an oak tree being felled. Whilst we were there we learned about the timber industry and how the wood is used to make many wonderful creations. Below is a picture of us helping to make an oar!


October 2019 - Year 3 enjoyed designing, making and evaluating their poison dart frog bean bags as part of their DT work for a rainforests topic. Children used materials and felts, sewing equipment and glue guns to create their final pieces. 




July 2019 - Year 5 went to Winton Community Academy to take part in a day full of STEM activities. Thank you to all of the staff and volunteers who made this trip possible.