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Summer Term Learning

During the summer term we are due to learn about the Stone and Iron Age. Below you will find some different home learning activities to complete. I hope you enjoy finding out more about the life of people in the Stone and Iron ages. Please send pictures of any learning you complete to me, I would love to see it! 


Use these links to learn more about Prehistoric people: 
What was prehistoric Britain like?

How did Stone Age hunter-gatherers live?

Who were the first farmers?

What is Stonehenge?

How did Iron Age people live?

Build your own model of Stonehenge! You could also create a fact file to go alongside your model. 


Listen to the story below of "The Stone Age Boy."

Imagine what it would be like to live during the Stone Age. How would it be different from modern life? Write a diary entry, pretending you are living in the Stone Age. 

                            Use the power point below to find out more about the Stone Age!

                                           Why not try some of these craft ideas?

      Below you will find further ideas for home learning about the Stone and Iron Age. 


You may want to print out this grid and colour in each box as you complete the activities. 

Use the link below to create your own record of time: