LAST DAY - FRIDAY 23rd JULY. Normal finishing times.
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Instruction Writing



This week we are going to be writing instructions. Our first job is to make sure that we understand the need to order the instructions. Attached is a handwashing instruction sheet. Have a look at the pictures and try to think of a sentence for each one.

If you can print it, try ordering the pictures correctly. You should follow the instructions to see if they are in the correct order! If you cannot print, just talk through the instructions and decide which is first. If you can't print it then don't worry- ask your adult to write the instructions on a piece of paper and mix them up so that you have to order them.


Extension: write a simple sentences for each of the pictures- make sure they are in the correct order and have all the ingredients to make a super sentence: Capital letter, spaces, a conjunction (and/but) and a full stop. 


Today is all about wordbanks to prepare you for your big write that is coming up. You will need 2 pieces of paper as we are doing 2 wordbanks. The first one is for time words, the second is for bossy words. Some examples are below.
Time words: First, then, next
Bossy words: Put, cut, roll

Spend your day adding words to your word bank as you find them. Try to give instructions all day so that you get used to spotting them and identifying the different types of words . Perhaps you could be a robot that only follows clear instructions? Ask your adult to treat you like a little robot if they want you to do something- you could even dress like a robot for the task! I look forward to seeing your photos and word banks.

Wednesday and Thursday

Here comes the big write! I am so excited to see you use your instruction writing knowledge!
Austin has kindly said that you can use his pictures if you do not have your own so I have attached them for you to see.  You do not have to print these off, you can just look at the picture on the screen and write your sentence next to it (but you can if you want to obviously).  

Your task is to write a sentence for each picture.  It needs to contain a time word and a bossy word as well as having the usual things to make it a super sentence (capital, spaces, conjunction and full stop).  Say your sentence (record yourself  f it helps you to remember it), and write each one over the next 2 days before checking your own work please. 

Children have been set differentiated work via Tapestry so if you cannot access please email Mrs Morrison to check what is expected from your child.   



Write instructions for any activity you like! 

Have you included time words and bossy words?