All schools will return to face-to-face education on Monday 8 March. All primary school pupils will return to school on Monday 8 March. Information will be sent out shortly from school.
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Monday- alphabet letters.  Watch the alphabet dinosaur train song and sing an alphabet song. Write all of the letters of the alphabet.  Do you know the difference between lower case and capital letters?


Look at the dinosaurs below- can you order them by their place in the alphabet?  Write down some dinosaur names clearly for your child.  Can they order them correctly using the alphabet they have written?  Encourage them to check for themselves.  




Extension: If your child is finding this task easy, try using the following dinosaur names as well.  Talk about what to do if the first letter is the same (go to the second letter)




If they are super into this then do let them search for more- an excellent handwriting opportunity as well as being able to show off their alphabet knowledge to me! 



Tuesday- Mrs Morrison has discovered a dinosaur egg!

I think we need to tell everyone about it- how could we do that? Encourage children to consider methods and lead towards a newspaper article. 

Looking at newspaper articles to identify features of a newspaper.  Have a look at a child friendly newspaper such as First News online or have a look at these pre-made ones.  Can they find the features such as:

Name of paper



Picture label



In school, we would be using different coloured felt tips to circle the features and discuss them.  At home, you could do this verbally looking at the different reports.  Read them together to work on their reading skills!



Plan your newspaper report using the grid provided.  You can draw your own if you are at home and just fill it in!




Write your newspaper article on the sheet provided or draw your own on a piece of paper.  Remember to cover each of the items in your grid to make sure you get all the information to the reader!



Read your newspaper report from yesterday.  Does it make sense? Can you share it with a sibling, an adult or a friend?