Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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WALT: write a diary entry

As we know, at the end of the story, Plop had discovered all of the positive things about the dark and his fear disappeared!

Were any of the questions you wrote during the first week, answered in the story?

I would like you to ‘put yourself in Plop’s shoes’ and write a diary entry from his point of view! How did he find the first hunt with his family? How did he feel? What was it like ‘going out’ in the dark? Were the woods very different from during the daytime? You may choose to use some of the description you wrote about the picture of the woods last Wednesday. Remember to write in first person as it is from Plop’s point of view.




Friday 22nd January

WALT: Order unit fractions along a numberline

For this lesson you will need a dice to make unit fractions -  A unit fraction is a fraction where the numerator (top number) is 1 and the denominator (bottom number) is a whole number. All these fractions are unit fractions:



The instructions for the activity are on the sheet. You only need to complete ONE of the activities - they are all similar but they get slightly harder.

You may need to use your fraction wall to help you see the fractions visually.

Perhaps you could design a game to practise ordering fractions – like top trumps.