Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Andover Church of England Primary School

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Morning Maths 

Please complete this morning maths task. It should take 5-10minutes. It has been set as a task on  so please respond with your answers on there or take a picture of your completed sheet and add a photo to respond to the task. 

Guided Reading

Write a short letter to Zoe that provides her with advice on what to do next.
You must use an advisory tone, offer constructive advice but also be sensitive to her feelings.

An example introduction:

Dear Zoe,

I am sorry to hear that you have become stranded with the Eels. There are renowned for being incredibly dangerous so time is of the essence and you must plan your escape immediately.

The first step you must take is to find your boat. You know that it has been hidden in a harbour so firstly establish where the harbour is on the island. You could do that by….


After practising your spellings this week get an adult to test you on the following word. Then send a note to Mrs Tate on with your score.


In today’s maths lesson you are going to be comparing fractions. I have recorded myself teaching this lesson here or have a look at the attached PowerPoint.

Please complete challenge 1 and then have a go at playing the fractions game with someone else.


Today you are going to write the first draft of your day 3 diary entry. Remember to use you plan from yesterday. I have recorded myself teaching this lesson which can be found here.