LAST DAY - FRIDAY 23rd JULY. Normal finishing times.
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This should be completed daily in order to build up the formation fluency.  Below are the letter families, you can see that the top line (or curly caterpillar letters) all start in the same position and go in the same initial direction.  You do not need to do them all every day, do a hand warm up first to get their little hands ready and them practise the shapes in the air or on the walls outside with things such as chalk or water and brushes. You can write them on each other's backs or in trays of glitter/flour etc.   If your child is confidently forming in the correct direction, please ensure their tall letters (ascenders) (eg d,h) are twice as high as the regular (eg s,e) letters and the low letters, or descenders, go below the line.


This week, we will focus on the long ladder letters.  Remember to encourage your child to start at the top of the ladder and go down it.

For those children that are ready to begin their cursive journey, please watch the video below and try with the letter C. You will have been added to the precursive activity on Tapestry if we think you are ready.  If you have not been added but think you are ready, ask your adult to email MRs Morrison and we can decide together.  We will learn the cursive letters in the same families as you learned to print your letters, so go slowly, be careful and try to use this letter in your writing to show me that you can do it and are ready for the next ones. Try these a couple per day until you're fluent and confident.  Keep those sizes and the direction of pencil correct please! 



Pre cursive c:

Pre cursive a:

Pre cursive o:

Pre cursive d:

Pre cursive g:

Pre cursive q: