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Home Learning

Please note: the most effective work you can be doing with your child are the things that they should already be doing as often as possible. 

  • Reading and recording reading/tasks in their home school book 4x per week minimum
  • Completing and recording a maths activity in their home school diary 4xper week minimum
  • Checking their phonic knowledge using the mats provided (check the bottom of the page in the phonics section if you're not sure).
  • Exploring their world around them- introduce them to new terminology and promote good language skills

To enable the Year 1 students the opportunity to get a full day's work despite being off school, I have decided to take advantage of the Twinkl website's offer of free access for parents during this time.  Please sign up as described below, then you can access the interactive resources by going onto the overview and clicking on the title eg "Guided Reading Picture Activity".  Clicking on the text will take you straight to the activity which you can then download.  Please do not think you need to print off and hand in every piece of work- if you do not have access to a printer you can still answer questions given on a plain piece of paper. You can even just use these tasks as ideas for learning.

To support teachers and parents whose schools have closed because of the Coronavirus, Twinkl have made their resources free for one month. Go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS