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Christmas Home Learning Project 1

This DT project is suitable for years R-6. Your home learning challenge is to create a Christmas tree, using items you have found around the house. This could be a lego Christmas tree, a tree made from cardboard, a tree made from sticks or even from straws and playdough. Here are some images to get you thinking. 


Which materials help you to create the tallest tree? Which materials help you to create the sturdiest tree? Can you create a tree which is taller than you?

Can you create a tall tree without the use of glue, sello-tape or string? How might you do this?




To make more accessible: Use resources which your child is already familiar with such as Lego, building blocks.

For extra challenge: Ask children to draw their designs first. Can they plan their ideas and explain which resources they will need ahead of the task? Can they specify which joining and cutting techniques they will use to help them?

For even more challenge: give your child an imaginary £10 to spend at your "shop." Everything in your shop which they will need to create their tree will cost money. (For example, one piece of card 10p, one sheet of cardboard 30p, scissors 50p, a glue stick £1 and so on...) Children will need to accurately budget for the resources they will need to create their tree. 


Remember to send all of your creations to your class teachers or to Mrs Down who would love to see your work!