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Home Learning Project 1

This project is suitable for years R-6 and includes 2 learning sessions which focus on the skill of print-making.


For this project you will need: 
- Paper
- Pencils
- Paint  (If you don't have any paint, check out the following link to find out more about how you can make your own paint:
- Cardboard OR Vegetables such as potatos OR old sponges (be creative with this element.) 
- Glue 
- Scissors
- String or Wool (optional)
*Remember to be creative with your resources - you can print with anything! 

Session 1: 
Look at the slideshow images of printed artwork below. Think about which shapes and lines you think are effective. Use paper and pencils to design your own printed design. You could create a pattern or collection of shapes, you could create a flower, animal or self-portrait. Then decide how large your stencil will be - would you like to create one big print or lots of smaller prints on one page? If you are using cardboard, a sponge or something similar, cut out a stencil ready for the next lesson.
To make more accessible for KS1: Play games involving repeated patterns, plan to use resources such as fruit or vegetables to print with, use a larger surface area for the tile.
To challenge KS2: Look at the below art work of William Morris. Discuss the intricate details of the prints - can you replicate the intricacy and detail in a print stencil you design?



Session 2: 
During this session you will use your design to create and use your stencil. Use your drawings from the previous lesson to help you replicate the design onto your cardboard, sponge or vegetables depending on what you are using! 
Easier stencils will include fruit, vegetables and cutting into sponges. 
For a moderate challenge try cutting out cardboard, building up a design or gluing string onto a printing block made of cardboard.
More challenging stencils will include pressing and indenting into cardboard as well as using string and building up areas of the stencil. 

See the pictures below which help to demonstrate these varying levels of the task. 


You can always link this project to the topic for your year group by creating an image which links. For example, Year 1 could create a pirate face or ship, Year 3 could create an animal from the Antarctic, Year 6 could create patterns for an Ancient Greek vase. 

Don't forget to send your artwork to your teacher by taking a picture and emailing them. If you want to ask any questions about printmaking, you can make contact with your class teacher or with Mrs Down.