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Home Learning Project 2

This project is suitable for years R-6 and includes 1 learning session which focus on the skill of drawing.


For this project you will need: 
- Paper
- Pencils
- Black felt-tip pens or biros

Your challenge is to draw the view from your window. You can choose any window in your house to draw from. 

Look at the slideshow of sketched views below. Think about what you can see in the foreground, perhaps the window frame or objects on the windowsill. Think about what you can see in the background. Are there different layers to the image? Would the scene be different at different times of the year?

To make more accessible for KS1: Draw a picture of what you can see out of your window, then draw or paint a window frame to place over the top of your picture. Remember to cut out the "window panes." 

To challenge KS2: Look at sketch below which shows the view from a window. The artist has used tints of black to add greater depth and shadow to the sketch. Try to use a black felt-tip or colouring pen to add tints of black to show shade and depth in your own artwork. 

Remember to send your finished drawings to your class teacher who can also answer your questions about any of the above. Alternatively you can make contact with our Art leader, Mrs Down.