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Home Learning Project 3

This project is suitable for years R-6 and includes 1 learning session which focusses on the skill of paper-craft and collage.

There are a variety of different paper-crafts and collage activities below to choose from. Each activity notes the age-recommendation and resources needed but you can do as many as you like!

Activity One: Festive Paper Chains

Age-recommendation: Years R-3
Resources: Paper (different colours if possible), colouring pens and pencils, scissors and glue. 

Cut different pieces of coloured paper into rectangular strips. Glue the ends together to form a ring (this is your first ring.) When you create your next ring, thread it through the first so that they link together. Keep going until you have a paper chain long enough to hang! 

For an extra challenge: Draw or write some festive messages or pictures onto each of your rings before you link them into your chain. 


Activity Two: Christmas Stencils
Age-recommendation: Years 2-6
Resources: Paper or bits of old wallpaper, cardboard or card, colouring pens or pencils. You could use paint if you prefer.

Create a stencil using card or cardboard - first draw on and then cut out your stencil design. Once you have done this you can use colouring pencils, paint or pens to "print" your design onto your paper. 

For an extra challenge: Can you overlap your stencils in differnt colours to create a layered effect?




Activity Three: Christmas Origami
Age-recommendation: Years 3-6
Resources: Paper (different colours if possible)


Use the video below to help you create some Christmas origami creations. 

For an extra challenge: Can you stick some string onto your stars and find a way to hang them?