LAST DAY - FRIDAY 23rd JULY. Normal finishing times.
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Listen to the story of Chicken Licken or read the story on the powerpoint - links below.


Write a book review to tell me what you think of the story – a suggested format is saved below.


All of the characters in the story have names that rhyme – can you think of a word to add to your name that would make it a rhyming name? Mine might be ‘Mrs Maddocks Haddocks!’ You might find rhyming names for all of your family.


Texts about real life are called non-fiction texts. Learn about the life cycle of a chicken by reading the powerpoint below.

Watch a chick hatch from its egg - ink below

Talk about how it pecks its way out. You could use words like, laid, hatch, peck, tiny, fluffy, feathers.