LAST DAY - FRIDAY 23rd JULY. Normal finishing times.
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RECAP last week's learning at any point this week- Can you remember which numbers go together to make 10? find the pairs on the screen, play the number bonds game (hit the button) or print off this sheet and enjoy some colouring.  



Children need to  show an understanding that numbers from 11 up to 19 have one ten plus a number of ones. This week we are going to show this using concrete resources, picture interpretation and some challenges near the end of the week. You can help the children by ensuring they have a range of equipment which allow them to see the place value of the numbers involved: base ten equipment, number shapes or objects sorted into bundles of ten, such as pencils, straws or even chips and peas!


Start by watching the video on Tapestry  and then try to represent a teen number of your choosing or as a challenge, make your own numberline from 11 to 20! 


EXTENSION: Can your child make all of numbers from 10 to 20 showing the ten and the ones? Did they naturally put them in the correct order? Can your child explain how the numbers go up- what changes and what doesn't? (from 10 to 19 the ten stick will be by itself and only the 'ones' will change)



Try a couple of these with your child- find which numbers they are less confident with and explore the make up of them thinking about '10 and how many more?'.  If they did well, go onto this next task. 



You don't need a printer (although you're welcome to print if you want!) just get them to draw sticks and then little circles/squares to represent the ones shown.



Match the numbers to the amounts.  Talk with the child about how the tens frame is full up and then there are more as an introduction to understanding that a teen number is 10 and then some more numbers. As a challenge, see if they can start counting from ten to find out the number represented in the picture.


For those more confident counters, try this activity.  Fill in the boxes to show your depth of understanding of a teen to twenty number.



Today I want you to be able to show off your number knowledge.  We have used concrete resources, looked at pictures and interpreted them and today we are going to try to understand word problems and link our number knowledge to show a good understanding.  


Use the number line in your home maths packs or draw your own at the top of your piece of paper.  Here is one to help you:



Use the number line to find the answers to the following problems.  They start simply (green) but read them carefully and say the sentence out loud to check you understand it as they get trickier! 

For example, 10 + 2 = ?       First find 10 on your number line. Which way is '+' ? To the RIGHT. Jump 2 spaces to the right.  Where did you end up? Write your answer.


10+2= ? 18 - 8 = ? 2 less than 12= ?
10+9= ? 10+3 = ? 15= 10+ ?
10+4= ? 16 - 6 = ? 10 and 7 more = ?
10+8= ? 19 - 9 = ? Draw 14 in tens and ones
10+ 5=? 10 + 1 = ? 13 is the same as one ten and ?



For those looking for a different challenge, try this reasoning activity.  Reasoning is important in maths as it allows the children to really explore their depth of knowledge and be confident in their own abilities.  If you are up for this challenge, Try to video yourslef explaining how you know the answer- use resources to help you show me!
Optional additional work