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Andover C of E Primary School Governors

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Could you be a new Governor?

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Andover Church of England Primary School is a voluntary controlled school operating within an Instrument of Government authorised by Hampshire County Council in conjunction with the foundation body of Winchester Diocesan Board of Education. The Governing Body of the school conforms to Standing Orders and each governor is required to comply with a Code of Conduct which includes declaring relevant business and pecuniary interests.

All governors (excepting the Head-teacher and the Vicar of the Parish) are appointed for a 4 year term of office which may be renewed. The two parent governors are elected by parents of children currently attending the school; the local authority governor is appointed by Hampshire County Council; the other foundation governor is appointed by the foundation body; the staff governor is elected by employed members of staff; and three co-opted governors that are appointed by the Governing Body to ensure a balance of skills, knowledge and experience is maintained.

All correspondence and contact with the governors should be made via Andover CE Primary school office, marked FAO the Chair of Governors. 


Who we are

The school constitution and governor numbers are as follows: 2 x Co-Opted, 1 x Foundation, 1 x Staff, 1 x HT and 1 x LA.

The Governing Body for this academic year (2021/22) is:

The Clerk to the Governing Body 2021/22 is Flavia Coleman. 



Some of the things your governors have done over the last year:

The impact of all these is seen in the outcomes for our pupils and their wellbeing.

  • Worked with our attached advisor from Hampshire County Council and the senior leaders of the school, focusing on:
    • Developing teaching standards
    • Improving progress and enhancing it for those of our children who qualify for pupil premium
    • Improving attendance for certain pupils
  • Faced our usual challenge of finding ways to provide a 21st century education in a 19th century listed building which is subject to planning restrictions. One example has been the great success in the use of large umbrellas which have allowed reception and y1 children to access their outside learning areas come rain or shine.
  • Sampled financial systems, checked the central safeguarding register and ensured that arrangements were properly in place for the administration of SATs.
  • Visited the school to discuss key areas of school improvement with staff.
  • Undertook training, including attending INSET days alongside staff where appropriate. We attended briefings/took online training to keep ourselves up to date and to network with other governors.
  • Attended school trips and activities, taking every chance to sample the Andover Primary life through the eyes of our most important people – our pupils!


No governors declared current business and pecuniary interests at the start of the academic year (2020/21) .


Nature of Business

Nature of Interest

 Melanie Beardsley


Staff Member 

Samantha Scott Staff Member
Charlotte Down Staff Member
Nicky ParkerMarketing BusinessDirector
Catherine WilliamsonPrimary SchoolGovernor and charitable trust trustee

The Register of Pecuniary Interests remains a standing agenda item at each Full Governing Body Meetings with the following information required, if/when appropriate.


How we work:

In 2020/21 we will be doing all our business (apart from Pay matters) through the whole governing body, meeting more frequently. Previously, the Governing Body met every half term with two standing Committees convening at least three occasions during the academic year, apart from Pay which meets twice a year. Some committees only meet when necessary. 

The following committees and panels convene as and when business requires:

Pay Committee: Judith Keegan and another governor drawn from the pool.

Pay Appeals: Pool of non-staff governors

Headteacher’s Performance Review Panel: Simon Robertson and Judith Keegan

Staff Dismissals Appeals Committee: Pool of non-staff governors


Our attendance:

During the last academic year (2019/20) governor attendance at regular and special Governing Body committee meetings was: 



Meetings opportunity

Meetings attended

Melanie Beardsley



Steve Bond



Scott Cowan



Scott Lindfield



Naomi Rist



Sam Scott



Charlotte Down (nee Taylor)



Rev Simon Robertson


Judith Keegan


Irene Green


Mark Leech