Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Monday 18th January

WALT: write a poem

To bring our unit on ‘The owl who was afraid of the dark’ to a close, you will be continuing to write your poem over the next few days.

On Friday you should have completed one verse, in the style of the poem we read together last week.


 Dark is exciting.
Fireworks exploding; lighting the sky
Whizzing, whirling, wailing
Golden rain pouring
Down from the darkness.
Bonfires sizzling,

Sparklers cracking

Leaving you gazing in wonder.



Unfortunately, the poem didn’t contain many, if any, expanded noun phrases. Can you see anywhere we could have added one in the verse above?

You now need to think about the other chapters in the book. These will help with the organisation of your poem!

The chapters were: ‘Dark is . . . exciting (ch.1), kind (ch.2), fun (ch.3), necessary (ch.4), fascinating (ch.5), wonderful (ch.6), beautiful (ch.7)’.

Choose at least 3 more of the chapter titles around which to base the verses of your poem.

Listen again to each chapter and mindmap all of the ideas based around that word (e.g. fun – why was it fun?)

Use these ideas to write your new verse – remember ton try and include expanded noun phrases and alliteration.



Monday 18th January

WALT: recognise and show, using diagrams unit fractions

Today we will be recapping the work from last term that you did on fractions.

We will remind ourselves, what a fraction is and we will represent these in different ways.

Read through the PowerPoint and then complete the questions in the PowerPoint as you go. If you cannot edit this, draw the shapes carefully and write the answers.

There is also another worksheet if you want some more practise.

You may also wish to have a look at the following website as it may help with your understanding of what fractions are: