Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Morning Maths

Can you work out the answers to the questions and find the two imposters who have the incorrect answers?


Your spellings this week are words from the Year 5 and 6 spelling list. Use the strategies below to help you practice them. On Friday, you will be tested on them.

The words this week are:

accommodate     accompany     according      achieve     aggressive     amateur     ancient     apparent     appreciate     attached     available     average



Today’s aim: select vocabulary to describe.

First, watch the video below. The video is telling you about Pandora – a new planet that has been discovered.

Then, look at the sheet with the image of Pandora in the middle. Write words and phrases around it to describe Pandora. Can you use adjectives, similes/metaphors and your senses?


Complete the 5 times table activity first.

Today’s aim: find percentage, decimal and fraction equivalents.

First, watch the video below to learn how to change decimals into fractions and percentages. Use this information to help you with the work.

Then, complete the two tasks. First, match up the equivalent decimals, fractions and percentages. Choose a reasoning task based on how easy you found the matching activity.

Guided Reading

The book you will be reading is called Jazz Harper: Space Explorer. This week, you will be concentrating on Chapter 3.

Today’s task: read chapter 3. Can you identify and find out the meanings of any words you are not sure on?


On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Joe Wicks is doing live PE sessions on his YouTube channel. Can you challenge yourself to complete his lesson? The link to the videos is below.