Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Morning Maths 

Please complete this morning maths task. It should take 5-10minutes. 

Guided Reading

Answer the following questions


‘Natasha was there too. That hurt most of all. Natasha was the closest thing she had for a friend. Zoe used to see her when the supply ships came, before they stopped coming.’

  • Who was chasing Zoe and why?



  • Why do you think Zoe left Natasha behind?



  • What do we know about Zoe’s parents



Read ‘Two’ again


Return to your ‘tell me’ grid which you completed last Wednesday.

In a different colour add to each box based on what you know now.


  • Have your feelings changed?



  • Do you have more questions?



  • Have your likes and dislikes stayed the same or changed?



  • Can you link this to another similar story?



Then answer the following question.



Your spellings this week are words that have the 'er' sound in them. Use the strategies below to help you practice them. On Friday you will be tested on them.


The words this week are: 

                        refer                                    referred                                 referring 

referee                                 referral                                      proffer                         offered

                        offering                            transferring                              offer  

transferred                         transfer                                 preferential                       preference 

                             preferred                                         prefer



Today and tomorrow you will be using various different mental strategies for addition and subtraction of whole numbers. Click this link to watch a video of me explaining the different methods. 

Now you have these different strategies, try these different strategies to work out the questions attached. 

There are 3 levels of challenge. Make sure you show which method you have used for each question. 

Challenge 1 is the easiest and 3 is the most challenging. See if you can do all 3.

Check your answers after you have completed the work.


Please click here for today's video explaining the lesson. 

Discuss what the examples below tell us about Shackleton’s leadership. 

  1. Each crew member was assigned at least one dog to care for.’ 
  2. ‘She was named Endurance after Shackleton’s family mot By Endurance We Conquer.’ 
  3. During the recruitment process, Shackleton quizzed candidates on their practical skills, but also about more unusual things, like if they could sing well.’ 

Select information from pages (15, 16) and (20-24) to make inferences about Shackleton’s character and leadership. 

You can find where I have read and explained the pages here. 

Record these on an evidence chart, with quotes and inference about his character and leadership.


On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Joe Wicks is doing live PE sessions on his YouTube channel.

Can you challenge yourself to complete his lesson?

Click here for the link.