Half Term - 25th Oct until 29th Oct. We look forward to seeing you return on Monday 1st November.
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Andover Church of England Primary School

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The purpose of the PTFA is to raise funds for items and activities that enhance our children’s education, engaging the wider community in our events.  We aim to achieve this by making the PTFA accessible for everyone to get involved:


We have adopted the Parent kind UK model constitution to use as our governing document and framework to guide us in achieving our goals.  


We aim to develop effective relationships between the school staff, parents and others associated with the school.


Any projects agreed will be in conjunction with the school development plan and beneficial to the children’s learning.

Did you know that helping with the PFTA and helping raise invaluable funds for your child's school is not all about meetings?






In past years, the PFTA have raised over £4,000, helping to contribute towards laptops, school trips, tablets and even the gardening club! These additional funds help ALL of our children and enrich their school experience with items that may not have been available without these additional monies.
In order to continue raising these funds for the school we urgently need more members, however this need not be as onerous as it sounds...
Lets face it, life is hectic! Juggling children, work, running the house, the list goes on... However all of our members donate as much or little time as they are able.
· Always do school pick up and arrive at 3pm? You could help sell event tickets in the playground.
· Have an hour spare in the evening every now and then? You could name envelopes and send out raffle tickets or staple bingo tickets together.
· Enjoy surfing the internet? You could search for the best prices for items that we need.
These are examples of small jobs that require an occasional amount of time but are absolutely essential to the success of an event.
As children leave in Year 6 our numbers dwindle naturally and we constantly need new members to ensure that we are able to continue organising and hosting events that benefit the school and all children.
Andover C of E PFTA

The school is fortunate to have a very active and supportive PFTA.


We hope that you find the information useful. What does your Parents Friends & Teachers Association (PFTA) do?

It meets at least once a term, either for social or fund raising events (usually both)

Why does PFTA exist?


  • raise money for your school.
  • organise social events.
  • provide links between parents, teachers and children and the local community.

We are always looking for more parents to become involved, new events will be posted here!




Jennifer Evans  Chair
John Hardstaff Vice Chair
Dave Wilkinson Treasurer
Kelly Ryall Media & Secretary