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Herbivore, Carnivore or Omnivore?


This science is for over 2 weeks so the science page next week will look just the same as this one.  Year 1  children need to be able to group things, and what better for our dinosaur topic than by dino poo?  Stick with me here...

Make your own dinosaur faeces using natural resources from your daily walk such as sticks and leaves to represent herbivore diet, use something to represent bones such as cut up earbud sticks to represent the reamins of a carnivore diet and finally, a bit of a mix to represent the omnivore diet.  Mix these things into 3 lots of playdough and shape accordingly.  I will pop an easy playdough recipe at the end of this piece of writing. You may like to add texture by using some old coffee grounds or even just make up your own version!

Explain to the children that if we eat food, we get waste which comes out of us all.  Dinosaurs were no different although instead of eating meat with a knofe and fork they gobbled up their food whole so bones would be a waste product.  For dinosaurs that just ate plants, their waste might include bits of leaves or twigs.


Use the file attached to discuss different types of dinosaurs.  If it it a herbivore, which poo would it have? Write the name on a bit of paper and put it next to that sample.  Do the same for some more, if your child isn't keen on dinosaurs or curious about themselves/modern animals, embrace it and help them to search for the correct group to put them in.  

Use the sheet with food options on for the children to begin to understand what things each classification of dinosaur would actually eat.

Take photos/a video to showcase their work!