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Summer 1 Learning

Week beginning 13th July 2020


Last week we looked at money. I have loved seeing all the lovely learning that has been happening in your homes. Keep up the good work with money, little and often is good. Each time you see mummy open her purse, ask if you can count or identify the coins.


This week we are going to look at different type of measure : time, height, weight, length and capacity! That's a lot of things under the title of measure isn't it? Luckily though, measure is something you use every day...

How long does it take to run a bath?

Are you taller or shorter that mummy?

How many steps does it take to get from my front door to the road?

If I pour all of the juice left in a bottle into my cup will it fill it up?


I know you will find lots of different ways to investigate measure. There are some activities below for you to look at, you can do them as they are or adapt them.

The most important thing to do lots of talking about what you are doing, that way the language of measure will stick in your mind, and have FUN!


You might enjoy this story about time...


Week beginning 6th July 2020 - Money

I hope you have all had a good weekend. Thank you for all the lovely learning you have posted about last week's learning topic. I wonder if any of you went to a shop and spent some money... This week we are going to look at money. First listen to this song:

Then, if you fancy, complete some of the activities. It would be helpful if you could get hold of 20 real 1p coins to complete the tasks, rather than cut out the ones on the task sheets.

Week beginning 29th June 2020


I hope you enjoyed last week's learning. I saw photos of super colourful elephants and marvellous maths, you will know that made my heart sing!

I found it interesting that elephants have the same name as cows; a daddy elephant is called a bull, a mummy elephant is called a cow, a baby elephant is called a calf and a group of elephants is called a herd.


This week, start by listening to the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? This version is in the form of a song, I hope you like it.

Take careful note of the colours of the animals...


Week beginning 22nd June 2020


Hello everyone
Firstly, I am been blown away by all your fantastic learning about mini beasts! You might like to continue learning about different mini beast but I thought, for the next two weeks, we would look at colour for our topic.
Enjoy listening to the story of Elmer and then have a go at some or all of the activities below. Have fun!
Here is the link to the story...


Week beginning 15th June 2020

Have you ever wondered about worms? Are they helpful mini beasts? 

Week beginning 8th June 2020

This week is all about worms. I wonder what amazing facts you will learn.

Week beginning 1st June 2020

What do you do when you see a bee? I have to admit, I'm always a little worried that I will get stung. But bees do an amazing job, see if you can find out what bees do for us. Maybe you already know somethings...


Week beginning 18th May 

This week's focus is going to be snails. When out for a walk,  you might find a snail to look at. I think they are fascinating!

William found a snail and made it comfortable while he looked at it. He then returned it to where he found it.

Week beginning 11th May

I thought this week we might look at ants. They are quite difficult to study as they never stop moving!

Week beginning 4th May 2020

I thought this week we would look at 'The Bad Tempered Ladybird'. Have you felt bad tempered during this lock down, I know I have at times. Listen to this youtube reading of the book and then have a go at the activities. Remember you do not have to print off the sheets, they are just there to give you an idea of things you can do.

Have fun!

Last week we looked at The Very Hungry Caterpillar so I thought this week you might like to explore butterflies. Listen to the story and watch the short film of 'Oh My, Oh My - a Butterfly!' a Cat in the Hat book by Tish Rabe. There are some activities for you to choose. REMEMBER, you don't have to print them. You can copy the idea onto paper or just talk about the activities.

Sophie E and Kendyll have been exploring butterflies already!

Sophie saw these beautiful butterlies on a walk
Kendyll's toilet roll craft for the school fb page

Please listen to the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar first. Then have a go at the challenges.  You don't have to print out any work to do it.  You can just talk it through with an adult or write it on a plain piece of paper!

Maths booklet- please dont feel you need to print off, just use as a guide if preferred!