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Summer 1 Learning Challenges- Superheroes!

A message from Spiderman!

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Watch this awesome video and then check out the tasks!

Spiderman's Task


What does it take to be a superhero? Are you a superhero? Do you know anyone who is a superhero for you?


The first thing you need to do is to write a list.  Show off your fantastic formation by writing numbers 1 to 9 down the page and then next to each number you need to write the qualities of a hero.  Things that make a normal person a hero like kindness and strength.  Just write the number and the quality first as we will use this list for the next task.


Next, you need to think about a person that you know that has hero qualities. Draw them on a piece of paper and write the qualities around them that describe their personality and make them a hero.  Remember to colour your picture beautifully and to write really neatly so Spiderman can read it.  


Your final preparation challenge is to practise your question marks.  Use water and a paintbrush to do big ones outside on the wall or path.  Use chalk to make colourful ones, use flour or salt on a plate with your finger and really try to remember the formation starting at the top- around, straight down and a dot! 


You wrote a letter to say thank you to the knitters...can you write a letter to Spiderman to tell him all that you have learned? Start with telling him what qualities a superhero has- join two points together using 'and' or 'but' to create compound sentences.  Remember your full stops and finger spaces! Next, go on to tell Spiderman about the person in your life that you think is a bit of a superhero.  Can you tell him who the person is and why you think they're a hero to you? Finally, ask Spiderman your questions and remember to use your question marks.


I can't wait to see what you come up with- spread out the tasks to give your brain time to really think about each section.  Make sure your final piece of work is neat enough for Spiderman to read.  Remember one of our class tricks: write the letter in bits and then cut them out to stick the bits together so it's not overwhelming.


Good luck little heroes! 


Mrs Morrison

Mrs Morrison's Superhero English Challenge

Topic Tasks! Lots of fun activities for you to try.