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Summer 1

In school after the Easter holidays, we would have been starting our Rivers topic. Below are some ideas and resources for different subjects linked to rivers and the environment.


There are also new links to Twinkl, BBC Bitesize and Oak National Academy with weekly timetables and related resources for you to follow. I have also linked Classroom Secrets and White Rose Maths which have new resources and activities that you can access from home for maths and English.


You do not need to print anything off, all of these activities can be completed on paper. Feel free to email me anything you have created at home - I would love to see what you have been getting up to!

Why not try this time capsule activity as a family?

NEW Choose at least 3 of the activities below to complete a week.

NEW English


Read the ebook Sabryna and the River Spirit. After each chapter, answer the questions in the pdf below.

  •  What happens if Sabryna didn't make the right choices? Can you write an alternative ending to the story?
  •  You are a newspaper reporter and Sabryna has agreed to an interview. What questions will you ask, what will she answer? Can you put this into a newspaper article?
  •  Imagine you have found another spirit living in water - maybe a Sea Spirit! What would your adventure be? Can you write your own adventure story?




Most maths resources can be found on Twinkl and Classroom Secrets by following the links at the top of the page. Some other maths games and activities can be found below. These will be updated each week.



Keep reading books you have at home!

  • Ask your parents to quiz you on what you have read.
  • Write a review for your book.
  • Write a new blurb for your book.
  • Design a new front cover.


Plastic Pollution Reading

Here are a couple of reading activities based around Plastic Pollution. Can you read the information and then answer the questions? You do not need to print these off. The questions can be answered on the computer or on a piece of paper.

  • Plastic Pollution Quick Read
  • Plastic Pollution Long Read





NEW Complete the new river activities below, alongside having a go at the activities in the table at the top of this page.


If we were in school, we would be beginning to learn about rivers and the environment. Below are some topics for you to research in more detail. The booklets and worksheets are there as guides and do not have to be printed off, feel free to create your own with whatever you have in your home.

  • Research an endangered animal of your choice.
  • Research plastic pollution.
  • Research the environment and climate change.

At the end of each of these research topics, you could create a poster, a leaflet, a TV program or a speech to share what you have found out.


Food shop investigation

  • Conduct a shopping survey to find out where the food your parents have bought has come from.
  • Produce a large map of the world and mark where all the different foods and drinks you have originate from.
  • Measure and mark on the map the distance from where food was originally produced to where you are.



Why not try some investigations around your home? The worksheets below do not need to be printed, you can record your results by taking pictures or videos or by writing them down on a piece of paper. Other ideas can be found by following the Twinkl link.

  • Record how you use water throughout the day.
  • Find out what you can recycle in your home.
  • Research a scientist of your choice.



Below are a couple of design activities. You could also create a poster linked to rivers or the environment, or complete one of the activities within the Twinkl and Classroom Secrets links.