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Thursday 28th January

WALT: use accurate punctuation for speech

Today I would like you to write a conversation that you might have with the dark.

Remember what you learned yesterday about punctuating speech.

Read my example (which isn’t finished!), then have a go at writing your own conversation with the dark.

‘Good evening dark, where have you been all day?’ asked Mrs Whalley.

Well, once the sun comes up, I go into hiding,’ replied the Dark.

‘Hiding where? I haven’t seen you all day!’ exclaimed Mrs Whalley.

‘Ha ha,’ laughed the Dark, ‘I’m good at hide and seek!’


 Don't forget to start a new line each time there is a different speaker!


Thursday 28th January

WALT: Solve problems that involve fractions

Over the next two days you will be using your fraction knowledge to solve problems. You need to read the clues carefully and show any working out! We will work through a couple of these during our Zoom call. Email me if you have any problems!