Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Below is a selection of topic work linked to space. Choose one or two activities to complete a day during the week. Each activity should take between 30 minutes and 2 hours.


This week's aim: explain how planets move in the solar system.

Watch the video to discover what the words rotate and orbit mean. Draw a diagram to show what rotates around what in our solar system. Can you draw and label the Earth, moon and sun?

Make the sundial using the sheet below. You can also copy it to create your own one. Go out on a sunny day at different times to test if your sun dial works.


This week's aim: know the moon phases.

Watch the video about moon phases. Read the Moon Phases Biscuit Experiment and complete it. Make sure you take a picture of your finished moon phases to send to me!

For the next month, find the moon in the sky and draw what you see. Complete this on the moon diary sheet. What do you notice?


This week's aim: have a conversation about what I am doing.

Watch the video or look at the presentation below. What do you learn about some of the verbs (doing words) in French? 

Then match up the picture cards and phrases in French. Can you have a conversation in French using these phrases?


This week's aim: understand the Ten Commandments.

Look at the sheet with the Ten Commandments on it. Think about what some people must have been doing, if the People of God had to be given that command. How similar or different is the world now? How many of those things are still going on?

Now answer the questions below. Please write in full sentences.

  • Give three good reasons why Christians (and Jewish people) argue that the Ten Commandments are still important today.
  • Which Commandments do you think would be hardest for a Christian to keep? Why?


This week's aim: explore uncomfortable feelings.

Watch the video below to learn why we might get uncomfortable feelings and how we can manage them. Complete the uncomfortable feelings worksheet. Can you identify feelings you might not like having and when you feel them?


This week's aim: send a sequence of commands.

Click on the link below. This will take you to an activity that allows you to control a Mars Rover. Can you choose the correct commands for the rover to collect a rock to study? Can you collect and study all of the rocks?


This week's aim: to use printing to create a space picture.

Follow the instructions below on how to create your own space picture using printing. Repeat to create all the planets in the solar system.