Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Topic, Art and DT

Over the next 3 weeks, you will be completing a space project for your topic work.

Please look at the document below to see what you need to do. It is split in to 3 parts, 1 part can be completed per week.


This week's aim: investigate night and day.

Watch the video to remind yourself about the earth rotating. You will also learn about night and day.

First, make predictions on the Night and Day Investigation sheet. You can always look at Google Earth to help you find different countries.

Then, use the time zone map to help you find out the correct answers. How many countries can you find that fit in each time zone?


This week's aim: write sentences to describe someone.

Watch the video. What do you learn about items of clothing in French? 

Then, draw or make your own person out of a magazine. Can you describe their clothes using what you have learnt? Try to include some of the colours you learnt in a previous lesson.


This week's aim: understand why we feel shy or nervous.

Watch the video below to remind yourself on when you might be shy or nervous. If you cannot watch the video think about times when you have felt shy and write them down.

Then, complete the confidence mask activity. Fill it with words or phrases that portray confidence and self-belief.


This week's aim: understand how the Ten Commandments help.

Look at the sheet with the Ten Commandments on it. Remind yourself of them and which you think are the most important.

Look at the worksheet. Think of and write a scenario for each commandment that shows somebody is following the commandment.