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How did the giraffe get a long neck and why does the camel have a hump?

Read Tinga Tinga tale on about how giraffe got her long neck. This is a series shown on CBeebies that explores how animals got their features through traditional tales. Watch the BBC clip about how giraffes’ necks evolved and compare the two versions!


Tinga Tinga

How giraffes’ necks evolved BBC clip
























A very famous writer (Rudyard Kipling) wrote a series of stories called the Just So stories that tell the tale of how creatures developed certain characteristics, but in the form of traditional tales. Read one of the Just So Stories (see link) and analyse it under the following headings:

  • Setting

  • Use of repetition and alliteration

  • Role of other animals

  • Explanation given for characteristic’s development


This week you going to create you own tale using a ‘plausible’ but obviously not scientific explanation. You can either make into a ‘published’ book with a ‘the science behind the myth’ page, or make a webpage with a similar scientific section (this scientific aspect can be used as an assessment to reflect on the evolutionary language used and understanding of concepts), or a cartoon about it. You can create this on SeeSaw.

Mind map some possible story ideas thinking about how these animals got their characteristics. (e.g. tiger - stripes, zebra - stripes, elephant – trunk, crocodile - teeth, duck-billed platypus – beak, mole – front legs, peacock –tail feathers, deer – antlers).



This week we are going to look at how we can respect other people’s rights and understand why this is important. Work your way through the PowerPoint which is attached below. Once you have done this complete the consequences activity sheet, where you look at the right, think about how you can respect that right and think about the consequences of not respecting that right. Once you have completed this write pledge about how you can respect and show respect of other people’s rights. 


Mind map different ideas for having the greatest party (after Covid).  

Think of somebody you would like to receive an invitation from or invite.

Decide where the party would take place, the activities and kind of food that would be there. 


Now that you have planned what you believe would be the perfect party, how many of you would call the person who invited you and tell them you will not be coming to the party?  We would all be pretty excited to be invited to this party and would make every effort to attend this event.


Jesus wants everybody to be part of the Kingdom of God but not everyone realises how important that invitation is.  Jesus told this parable to show what he meant.

Read today’s parable 



Draw a picture & write down in 3 sentences you think the story is saying about God’s Kingdom to Christians today. Use sentence starters to help you.
  • I think Jesus was trying to say.....
  • Christians today might read the story and think.......
  • I think the Kingdom of God is all about.....



Go through the interactive lesson on this website to learn about places in a town. 


This week you are going to test the durability of different materials. Use the material from last week to test this out. You will need 3 material samples and some sandpaper (glass paper). Follow the instructions and complete the sheet below.


Convection currents and the cause of earthquakes

Below is a diagram of convection currents. Convection currents in the mantle cause the tectonic plates to move. Heat rises and falls throughout the molten rocks that compose the mantle.


As the magma moves so do the plates above. The Earth’s plates are constantly moving. On average this movement is between 1 and 10 cm per year. It is like bubbling porridge or custard.

So how do earthquakes occur?

Today you are going to create a model earthquake simulation and then I want you to video it with your explanation to put onto SeeSaw or create an information poster about earthquakes.





This is me - This Greatest Showman

Listen to and watch the song below. Discuss with an adult or another family member what the song is about and how being our true selves is sometimes the bravest thing we can do. Write down a list of things you are good at and things you find really difficult.

This week try and do something that pushes you out of your comfort zone; maybe try a new food, learn a skill you know will be challenging to master. 


The Greatest Showman Cast - This Is Me (Official Lyric Video)

The official lyric video of "This Is Me" by The Greatest Showman Cast from the 'The Greatest Showman Soundtrack'.'The Greatest Showman Soundtrack' available ...