Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Topic / Foundation Subjects


For this weeks topic, please watch the Romans Topic Webinar using the video below that we should have joined live in class. It is quite a long video but there is lots of great information, if you need to watch it in chunks that is fine. When you have finished watching the video your task is to create a poster to detail some of the things you have learned. You can either do your poster on one specific thing with lots of information, or showing a few things you have learned. This will be a competition and the best poster that is sent to me will receive a prize when we come back! 

Roman Topic Webinar Recording

Please note: before playing the video, click the cog icon and change the resolution to 1080p HD to view the video in High Definition.



For Art this half term we will be looking at and designing our own mosaics, just like the Romans did. Have a look at at the videos below to understand how we found out that Romans created mosaics and what they looked like. The look at the gallery to see some close up images of what some mosaics looked like. Then you can have a go at designing your own mosaic using the fourth link, try and base this on one of the mosaics from the gallery. Please take photos and I would love to see what you've created.



Wellbeing activity