Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Below is a selection of topic work linked to space. Choose one or two activities to complete a day during the week. Each activity should take between 30 minutes and 2 hours.



This week's aim: name and describe features of the planets in our solar system.

Watch the video to remind yourself of the planets in our solar system. You are going to create a poster with facts about the planets. First, read the planet fact cards. Then either use the template to create your poster, or make your own from scratch.


This week's aim: research characteristics of a planet.

Choose a planet that you want to research in more detail. You can watch the videos below first to find out more about the planets before you choose. There are website links to help you get started. Write notes with your facts. Then make a PowerPoint presentation or a leaflet about your chosen planet.


This week's aim: describe people.

Watch the video or look at the presentation below. What do you learn about how you say what people look like in French? 

Use the appearance cards to write sentences about what you look like and what your family looks like.


Watch the video to learn about The Story of Moses. Then you order the story of Moses using the worksheet below.


Watch the video below to learn why we have feelings. Read the scenarios with someone and talk about them. Write a response to a scenario and advise them on how they are feeling.


Watch the video below. This will introduce you to using perspective in drawing. Look at the image below. Can you recreate it using what you have learnt from the video? 



Watch the video below about music and feelings. What do you learn? Then listen to some of the music from the second video. Can you draw or write how you feel?