Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Morning Maths

Work out who the imposters are from the maths questions below. Solve the questions to check which answers are correct. Can you write the correct answers for the imposters questions?



Your spellings this week are tricky words that don't follow a pattern and have silent letters. Can you identify the tricky letters in each word before you practise spelling them? Use the strategies below to help you practice them. On Friday you will be tested on them.


The words this week are:

yacht    bruise   pacific   celebration   languages    cruise

vehicle   nougat    guarantee    queue   immediately    pneumonia



Today’s aim: write a persuasive speech. You are trying to persuade a person or a company that your rover is the best. You want it to be chosen to be the next one sent into space.

First, watch the two videos, which explain how to write your speech.

If you cannot watch the videos, use the information from yesterday to help you.

Then, write up your speech in full.

12 in 10

Have a go at the questions below before you start your maths learning. Remember, you have 10 minutes to answer the questions.



Today’s aim: write decimals as fractions.

Watch the video below to remind yourself of decimal place value. 

Then, complete the two tasks. Choose the reasoning task based on how you found the first task.

Guided Reading

Answer the questions below. Answers will go up in the afternoon. 


Have a go at the challenges on the cards below. How many times can you complete each exercise in 5 minutes? Can you do it again to beat your score?