Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Morning Maths 

Please complete this morning maths task. It should take 5-10minutes. It has been set as a task on  so please respond with your answers on there or take a picture of your completed sheet and add a photo to respond to the task. 

Guided Reading

Today you will be completing a comprehension task based on Chapter 4.

Chapter 4 Comprehension


      1. ‘It’s my boat you had no right…’ If Zoe had finished her sentence, what do you think she would have said?


      2. What is Zoe’s reasoning for taking the boat?


3. What does Dooby want to use the boat for?



      4. What do you think Dooby means by ‘this place is finished’?


      5. What do you think Dooby means by ‘if they didn’t like it, they went for a swim’?


6.   Provide two reasons why Dooby wants to keep Zoe alive.

  1. _______________________________________________________
  2. _______________________________________________________


     7. Name two food types that Dooby and his gang have been surviving on.


8.    Explain what Dooby means when he says he has been ‘rationing’ food.




      9. Who has Zoe’s boat?


      10. What are they doing to it?



Your spellings this week are words all have the 'ough' sound in them. Use the strategies below to help you practice them. On Friday you will be tested on them.


The words this week are: 


Today you are going to be using you known facts to reason when creating new ones.

Reasoning just means explaining why and making sure you have evidence to back that up.

Watch the video of me explaining the learning here or see the attached PowerPoint.



Today you are going to plan your series of diary entries using Friday’s thoughts and feelings. You need to choose 1 member of the crew from the Endurance boat. Have a look at your work from last week to help you where you wrote 3 days of their thoughts and feelings, those will be the 3 days you will be writing the diary entries for.

I have recorded a video of myself teaching this lesson which can be found here. 

You need to complete 3 diary entry plans using the sheet attached or below.