Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Wednesday 20th January

WALT: edit and improve my work

Read through the poem you have been writing – check whether you have included alliteration and expanded noun phrases. Are there any improvements you could make – can you choose more powerful vocabulary? Is your spelling correct? By the end of today you need to make sure that you are ready to publish your poem as they will be going in a class poetry book and also on display at school.

Wednesday 20th January

WALT: Investigate equivalent fractions

Today I would like you to continue to investigate equivalent fractions.

I would like you to find fractions that are equivalent to ½ , ¼ , 1/3 , 1/5.

How many different fractions can you find for each unit fraction?

You can record this in any way you wish! (Pictures/Poster/mindmap etc).

You might find that a fraction wall is helpful if you cut it up and match the fractions to an equal amount. This may help you see it visually.



   ½ = 2/4 =3/6



You can find a fraction wall using the following link: