Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Morning Task



Times Tables

Follow the link below and choose Level 4 - Multiplication - Mixed Tables up to 12 or a times table you are struggling with.



Please watch the video and read the information on BBC Bitesize. When you have finished complete the activity below - everybody needs to do the first and second activity, then choose the level you think will be right for you - Mild is the easiest level, Spicy is the medium level, Hot is the most challenging level. If you find the level you've chosen too easy or too hard you can change which level you complete. 



WALT: understand exciting vocabulary.

Your task today is to draw a picture of the eruption as described in Escape From Pompeii. You should focus on the elements of the eruption as described by Tranio and use illustrations from the book to help you.



Read the extract from the book below and answer the questions about Escape from Pompeii:


On a hillside overlooking the sparkling bay of Naples, the Roman city of Pompeii glimmered in the sunlight.


From his window, young Tranio listened to the noise humming from the bars, taverns and shops around him, and to the busy tradesmen haggling in the street below. Beyond the massive city walls he could see Pompeii’s greatest protector looming in the distance. They called it Vesuvius, the Gentle Mountain. Could anyone feel safer than here, Tranio wondered? Was anything more beautiful?


Retrieval questions

  1. How does Christina Balit describe Naples ?


Christina Balit describes Naples as _________________________________.


  1. According to the text, what places could Tranio visit close to his house?


Tranio could visit _________________________________ which are close to his house.


Vocabulary questions


  1. What effect has the author created by calling Vesuvius ‘the gentle mountain’?


By calling Vesuvius a ‘gentle mountain’ it suggests that _______________________.


  1. What does it mean when the tradesmen are ‘haggling’?


Haggling means _________________________________________.


Authors choice questions


  1. Which words do you like the most? Why?