Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Week Beginning: 02.11.20



Watch the video below. Pause after each character. Who are they? How do you know? Can you think of your own character to describe? How will you make it obvious who they are?


Read the short version of the story Beowulf. Who is Beowulf? Who is Grendel? How do you know? Complete the character description activity for Grendel. Inside the outline write about Grendel's personality and character. Outside the outline write about Grendel's appearance. This can also be done on paper if you do not have a printer.


Read the short version of Beowulf again. Complete a story board for the story. Can you separate the story into clear steps? Write a short description of each step and then add pictures. You can use the template below or create your own.


How do we know Beowulf is a hero? Can you brainstorm what makes a hero? Try to include physical features as well as personality and character features.



Your aim is to create a job advert for a hero. Use what you did yesterday to help you. We want to attract someone to catch and kill monsters. Look at the example below to help you.



Monday PSHE

This half term, we are learning about how we can look after our money. Can you create a poster to show the different ways we can save our money? Use the image below to help you.



Tuesday Science

This half term, we are learning about forces. Watch the video linked below, what forces are there? Today you are going to investigate gravity. You need a plastic bottle and access to water. When you flip a bottle, gravity pulls it down. When water is in your bottle, gravity pulls the water down too. This means that  bottle should land upright more often. You are going to test this. Use the table below to help you record your results.



Wednesday Topic

What do you know about the Vikings? Write down any ideas you have. Watch the video below. Can you label the map to show where the Vikings came from?



Thursday French

What do you know about French drinks? Look at the images below. Can you write your own sentences telling me what you would like to drink?



Friday Art

Look at the pictures of dragon scales below. Can you sketch your own dragon scales? How could you make them look 3D? How could you make shadows?