Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Andover Church of England Primary School

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Week Beginning: 02.11.20

Below is a selection of English, maths, topic and RE work for your child to complete at home if you are self-isolating. Try to complete an English and maths task every day and topic work throughout the week. 

English - This week we will be finishing of our newspaper reports about the quidditch match. Edit he newspaper report and then publish it. This should take the first 2 lessons this week. We will then begin our new topic which is about Theseus and the Minotor. 

Lesson 3 - Read the story here and write a summary of the story. 

Lesson 4 - Remind yourself of the Beowulf story you learnt last year. Watch the videos here and complete the sequencing activity. 

Lesson 5 - Compare the two characters of Theseus and Beowulf using the double bubble map. 

Maths - This week in maths we will be revisiting and recapping formal written methods for multiplication. 



Science - We are looking at inheritance and evolution in science this week. 

Please complete the inherited sheet which looks at different features that you inherit from your parents. 

The have a go at the card game where you are trying to match up possible siblings. 

Finally compare a homo sapien skull to that of a chimpanzee 

RE - In this lesson we will be looking at the qualities Jesus needed to be the saviour for the Jewish people. 

History - Who were the Ancient Greeks? 

Please research about the Ancient Greeks and complete these worksheets which include: a timeline and a map of Europe.