Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Week Beginning: 04.01.21


Monday - WALT: make predictions about a text

Have a look at the picture and make a prediction about what you think will happen in the story. Can you suggest reasons for your thoughts?


Tuesday - the book cover from yesterday was called, 'The Owl who was afraid of the Dark'.

As our topic for this term is 'Light and Dark', I would like you to use what you already know about light and dark to write a discussion about why it is good or bad. You can choose which one you would prefer to write about.


Listen to the first chapter of the story using the link below:


Think of some questions that you could ask Plop. Remember to write the questions starting with a capital letter and using a question mark at the end.



Listen to the rest of the story

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7


As you listen to the text, make a list of any words that you don't understand and use a dictionary, or the internet to find the meaning of the words and write a definition for them.




Can you think why all of the words used in the story are positive about the dark?

Why do you think?

Imagine that there has been a powercut at school and that we need the light to be fixed. 

Write a letter to Mr Tall persuading him to fix the lights. Try to include some of the reasons and ideas from Tuesday.



Look at the clues below and draw the shapes given. Remember to use a ruler to draw them and measure accurately.


WALT: Draw 2D shapes

  1. Draw a 3 sided shape where one side is 7 cm.

What shape have you drawn?

  1. Draw a square where all of the sides are 5cm.
  2. Draw a rectangle where 2 sides are 10cm and the other 2 sides are 6 cm.
  3. Draw a pentagon and measure the sides using your ruler. Write the lengths next to the side.
  4. Draw a hexagon.
  5. Can you draw an octagon?


Have a go at making some 3D models of shapes using long spaghetti and marshmallows or playdoh/plasticine.

If you can, take some pictures of the shapes that you create.

Can you make a cube? Cuboid? Triangular Prism? Square-based pyramid? Triangular-based pyramid?


Have you got any boxes left over from Christmas? 

This could be a box from chocolates, something that your scooter came in, a toothpase box etc. 

Can you cut along the edges to make the box flat? 

This is called a net! Nets fold together to become 3D shapes. 

Have a go at the nets game from the link below:


Using your knowledge of shapes, have a go at some of the sorting shapes games using the links below:




Find the meaning of the words 'horizontal' and 'vertical'.

Can you draw some shapes which have horizontal and vertical lines in them?

Label all horizontal lines with an H and vertical lines with a V.


RE - Look at the picture below - what do you see?


Brainstorm the words 'good' and 'evil'. What do they make you think of?

Geography - our topic is based on the UK.

Using the sheet below, brainstorm everything that you know about the UK and then write 5 things that you would like to find out.


Computing - Our topic for computing is 'Online Safety'. This is a really important topic as you will be working from home and using the computer for your learning!

Read through the PowerPoint and complete the activities as you work through. think carefully about your views and, if possible, discuss them with an adult.




Science - this term in science, we will be learning about 'Light and Dark'.

Read through the PowerPoint presentation for the first lesson and complete the activities as you work through it.


In P.S.H.E, we will be learning about 'Being Yourself' and being proud of our achievements. 

Read through Achievements sheet and read the scenario cards and decide whether the people are feeling proud or showing off. 

Once you have done this, create a poster with a trophy and write or draw your achievements around the poster. You can use the template beloow.


In French we are learning about classroom instructions. 

Read through the PowerPoint (which you will find in your email inbox) and practise saying the words - you can click on the PowerPoint and it will tell you how to pronounce it. 

After that, complete the classroom instructions worksheet. 

You could try saying the words and doing the actions.