Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Week Beginning: 04.01.21

Monday 4th January and Tuesday 5th January


In class, we are designing and building our own rover. Watch the video below first to find out more about what a rover is.


To make a successful rover you need to

  • Choose a planet to explore. Research it and find out what it is like.
  • Design your rover. Look at the presentation to help you understand all the features a rover needs. Make sure you label the features on your design.
  • Can you build your rover using recycled materials such as boxes? Are you able to make and attach all the features your rover needs?
  • Can you find a way to make it move? You could use Lego to build a base with wheels or try and use something in your home that already has wheels attached to it.
  • Decorate your rover. What colour is it? Does it have any patterns? 
  • Evaluate your rover. What went well? What would you improve?


Resources are below to help you create the best rover you can.

If you were in school yesterday, please see below for today's work.


Morning Activity

Yesterday, you started to make your own rover to explore a planet. Can you research and create a fact file of a planet from our solar system? There is a fact file template to help you below, or you can make your own.



Maths Activity

See what you remember about adding and subtracting numbers. The problems below are missing number questions. Can you work backwards to work out the missing number? You might need to do the inverse (opposite) calculation to help you.

Afternoon Activity - PSHE

Our new topic this term is called Be Yourself. Think about the questions below and write down your ideas.

  • Is it OK to think and feel differently to other people?
  • What does ‘being an individual’ mean and why is this a good thing?

Look at the presentation below to learn what fitting in and why individual thoughts, opinions and feelings are important. 

Look at the scenario cards and choose one. Write down what you think after reading it.

Complete the Celebrating Me worksheet. Fill it with all of the things that are unique about you. You can print off and use the sheet, or create your own on plain paper.

Wednesday 6th January



Look at your rover that you have designed from Monday and Tuesday. What features does it have? Can you write noun phrases to describe the features of your rover. For example, high-tech camera with 360 view. Either write these in a list or around your rover design. Look at the vocabulary below to help you.




Complete the word problems on the sheet. How do you know if it is an addition or subtraction question? Can you do the inverse to check if your answer is right?



Write down all of the things you want to find out about our new topic Space.

Do you know the order of the planets in our solar system? Research them and write them down. 

We can remember the order with a mnemonic. A mnemonic is a sentence that begins with the first letter of each planet to help us remember the order. Look at the website below to see some examples. 

Can you write your own? Can you create a poster with your mnemonic to share with other people to help them learn the order of the planets?

Thursday 7th January



You have either designed a rover in school or at home. Remind yourself of what it can do. Can it take pictures? How does it move? What does it collect?

Fill in the 'boxing up' plan. Try and write at least 3 ideas per box. Once you have completed your plan, can you write a description of your rover? It needs to be at least half a page long. Remember your capital letters, full stops and paragraphs!


Today's maths problems involve multiplication or division. You can use the multiplication grid below to help you. First, work out if the question is asking you to multiply or divide. Write down your working out and solve. The answers are on the second page for you to mark.


Topic - Science

We are starting our Space topic in science. Can you write down anything you want to find out or investigate. You can email me your ideas!

Today, you are going to be answering the question

'Is the earth flat or round?'

Look at the evidence cards first, who do you agree with?

Complete the worksheet (or write it on your own paper) with your answer, using the evidence to help you. There are 3 different worksheets within the document, easiest first and hardest last, choose the one you think you will be able to do.

Friday 8th January



Below is piece of writing about the Mars Rover. There are some mistakes in it. Can you find and correct the mistakes?


Watch the video below to learn about BODMAS. Then work your way through the questions. The answers are also there for you to mark your questions.

Topic French

We are recapping the French colours. Watch the video and try and complete the quiz in the video. Then complete the worksheet. This can be completed on paper too.

Try some of the PE activities below this week!