Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Week Beginning: 04.01.21


This week we will begin to look at our new text 'Shackleton's Journey'. 



Write a recount about your Christmas holidays. You can either write about one day or a few days. Remember to write in chronological order and use higher level vocabulary. 



Today we are going to begin to read the first few pages of the text. These are attached below. Watch this YouTube video which shows what the landscape of Antarctica is like. Consider the temperature and conditions and reflect on the qualities needed by the crew-both physical and emotional. Discuss with a family member and make notes about, why so many people applied for the post?



Thinking about what you have read yesterday. Think about the key features of the expedition and why it was important to do. Remember that Shackleton found it difficult to find funding for the trip and would have had to write letters to wealthy businessmen asking for funding. Today you are going to plan a persuasive letter to write to ask for funding for this trip. 



Write your persuasive letter that you planned yesterday. Remember to include the features on the checklist attached below. 



Today you are going to focus on the crew’s views of the Endurance.

Here are some quotes from the text to demonstrate how these changed.  

The strongest wood vessel in the world’   cruel grip of the ice, 

‘Endurance was overcome,’ 

‘The behaviour of our ship has been magnificent…’   

‘The brave little craft’ 


Using images of the ship from the book, write words or phrases to describe the vessel.




Guided Reading

This week we are starting our new guided reading text called 'Floodland' By Marcus Sedgwick. 

Each day you need to work through the tasks for that guided reading session. 



Today you will be looking at the first image which is at the start of the book. Make some notes and have a discussion with an adult about the following questions. 

  • What can you see in the picture?
  • Why do you think the novel opens with this picture?
  • Where might it be?
  • What does this suggest to us about the story that will unfold?
  • What impression does this image have on you?
  • From whose view point might this be taken?


Then read the first chapter of the book. Which will be uploaded below. 



Re-read the first chapter of the book and answer the following questions:

  • What have we learnt about our character so far?
  • Who is Lycra and why is Lycra important?
  • Where is Norwich and what has happened?
  • When do you think this story is set and what has led you to that decision?


Think about/ discuss with an adult:

  • Why might the sea level have risen to this dangerous level?
  • Write your thoughts on a post it and stick it to your image on the working wall?



Today you are going to complete a 'tell-me' grid about chapter one. An example of this is below. 

Tell me….was there anything you liked about this text?

  • I liked that Zoe was so determined to reach her boat. It made me feel that she was desperate which created excitement.

Was there anything you particularly disliked?

  • I disliked the fact that the sea level is rising. This made me worry about the state of our country.

Was there anything that puzzled you?

  • Why did the supply ships stop coming?

Were there any patterns…connections that you noticed?

  • This reminded me of some stories I have seen in the news when people are trying to reach safety e.g. ……….

Once you have done this, answer the following questions: 

  • Was the story of chapter one what you expected based on the image we saw first?
  • How has the author created the sense of drama and intrigue?
  • What is the impact of the variation in sentence length?
  • How did you imagine the events as I read the passage aloud?
  • What helped you to imagine this?
  • Does it remind you of anything you have read before?
  • Or anything you may have watched?



In the story, Zoe mentions Norwich. Using the map below, answer the following questions. 

  • Which part of the UK is Norwich in?
  • What has happened to Norwich in our text?
  • Why might this have happened to Norwich?

Now read 'Two'. Think about and answer the following questions. 

  • When did Zoe’s parents realise that they couldn’t stay in Norwich?
  • What did Zoe see her Dad do for the first time? Why was this?
  • Describe where Zoe is now.



Today you are going to reflect  on what we know about Zoe so far. This is an illustration of Zoe from the text.

  • What are your first impressions of Zoe and why?
  • Which words would you select to describe her personality?

Complete a Role on the wall for Zoe (Keep this safe as you will need it for a follow-up lesson).

You write information about Zoe’s personality and character on the inside of the silhouette. How she looks physically and facts about her go on the outside. 


Morning Maths 

Please complete each of these morning maths tasks as if we were in class. They should take 5-10 minutes each to do. 








This week's focus will be on place value. 



Today's lesson will focus on rounding. Watch this video and then complete the attached worksheets. 



Today we will be focusing on increasing and decreasing numbers by 0.1, 10, 100, 1000. Complete the attached activity book throughout the week but focus on pages 9 and 10 for today's lesson. 



Today we will be focusing on multiplying and dividing numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. Watch this video and then complete the attached worksheets. 



Today we will be ordering decimals. Use your knowledge of place value and draw number lines to help you complete the attached activity below. 



Use your knowledge of decimals to solve these problems attached below. 




In Science we have been learning about Charles Darwin and evolution. Use this link to create a fact-file or poster about Charles Darwin and why he was such an important scientist within the topic of evolution. 


Discuss with an adult what you think a kingdom is. 

In a kingdom, people live by certain rules and values. 

Imagine you were a ruler of a kingdom, make a list of the values you would have in your kingdom. 

Discuss, with an adult, if the kingdom was destroyed and the people were to disperse across the world, do you think they would take values with them?  Christians are same, scattered all around the world trying to live by God’s values.

Where is God’s kingdom? In Bible times the people thought the Kingdom of Heaven  was a land with a king on earth but Jesus was saying that the kingdom was the church.

For the RE activity you need to complete the attached sheet. 

There is a Longing reflection hymn


This term we are going to be learning about earthquakes, volcanoes, and hurricanes

In your first lessons research and create a fact file about earthquakes. 


Use this website to help you. 


This term we are focusing on shelters in DT. 

Make a list of all the different shelters you can think of. Give yourself 2 minutes to come up with as many as you can. 

Once you have done this have a look at the worksheet which asks you to think about the different purposes of shelters and how they are suited to their jobs. 

Then you need to complete the sheet which asks you to think how best shelters protect a person from different weather. 


This week we are learning about The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Read both the documents and then design and make a poster to raise awareness of the rights of children and the importance of these rights being respected.