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Week Beginning 04.01.21

Monday English - Look at the picture below from our new text driver. This is Shen, she is sitting on the beach drawing pictures in the sand. Using the information in the image below, write some sentences sharing what you know about Shen already or what you might think about Shen already. Then make a prediction about this text. What might happen next?


Tuesday English - Watch the video below and pause at 2:51. Imagine you could use the magic paintbrush – what would you draw for yourself? Draw a picture of what you would draw with the paintbrush and use writing to explain and describe your picture and ideas.
What would you draw for someone else?

Wednesday English - Today we will practise spelling the words in below correctly. We will also practise segmenting or "sounding out" words.

This is when we break a word into sounds so that we can then match letters to spell it. For example: p  ai  n t b r u sh       g ir l


Say the words below to your child without showing them and encourage them to sound them out and spell them: 

If you find one of the words tricky or need to practise a few of them, use our strategy of "Look  cover, write, check" to practise these words. 


We will then use these practised spelling skills to write a thank you letter to Shen in the role of the villagers.

Write to Shen and say thank you for the things she has drawn. For example, you might pretend to be the little boy who Shen drew a melon for. You might pretend to be the little girl who Shen drew a fan for. 

Thursday English - In class we will be learning to correctly use full stops and capital letters in our writing. You might find this website useful to practise these skills: Once you have watched the videos on punctuation and played the games to practise, you should use the two pictures below to write some sentences about what is happening in the story here. Remember to use your punctuation correctly. Read your writing back to check that it makes sense. 



Friday English - Using what we have learned this week about sounding out unfamiliar words and punctuation such as capital letters and full stops, we will write a diary entry in the role of Shen. In our diary we will explain how we felt and what happened when we were given the magic paintbrush by the old man on the beach. Use the video above to remind you of this part of the story. 

Monday Maths - In maths this week we will be looking at our number bonds to 10,20 and 100 again. We will be playing games in class to ensure we have remembered these mental maths facts. At home you could use the game "hit the button" to help you remember your number bonds:

Tuesday Maths - We will be answering addition and subtraction questions - using number bonds to help us with some questions which mean we have to cross over the 10s. For example for the question 28 + 4 =  we can split the 4 into 2 and 2 so that the calculation becomes 28 + 2 = 30  + 2 = 32. Teaching these mental strategies helps children to become fluent when adding and subtracting. Have a go at the questions below, using number bonds to help you "bridge" some of the gaps to the nearest 10.
You might find it useful to look at the power point below first: 


Wednesday - Friday Maths - We will continue to work on "bridging through 10" to help us become more fluent in our mental strategies when adding and subtracting. You might find it useful to use a tens frame (see below) to help you when adding and subtracting. Use this to help you answer the questions in the document below.
Monday Topic - Art: Use the following link to help you make your own chinese lanterns: You could use red paper, paint some white paper red or use colouring pencils to make a red lantern. Then you could try writing some of the chinese symbols and letters for "good luck" on your lantern. 

Tuesday Topic - Geography: Use the "KWL" grid below or draw your own to explain what you already know about China and what you would like to find out about the country. Then read the power point and use Google maps with an adult to find out more about China. Can you answer any of the questions you wrote down before your started?
Wednesday Topic - RE: We will be learning the story of The Prodigal Son in class. There is a video version of this story below for you to watch. The Prodigal Son is a parable, which is a special sort of story that was told by Jesus to help people learn or understand ideas. Parables might be harder to understand than some other stories because they have hidden meanings. They can seem to be saying one thing, but are really teaching something else. What do you think the hidden meanings or messages in this story are? Write your ideas down and add some pictures if you can. 

Thursday Topic - Science: This week in science we will be conducting an experiment to find out more about floating and sinking. Choose some objects from around your house to test out but remember to ask a grown up first. Before you begin your experiment, write a prediction to sort the objects into "will float" and "will sink." Explain why you think this. 
Then conduct your experiment by placing one object at a time into a container with water in. Record your results in a table - I have placed a table below as a suggestion. Which of your predictions were correct? What is similar about all of the objects that floated? Are they made of a certain material? Are they a certain shape?
Friday Topic - Music: Tibetan singing bowls are used all over Asia in lots of different settings. Listen to the bowls being played below. How would you describe the sounds you can hear? Draw or paint a picture to show how the music makes you feel.