Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Week Beginning: 05.10.20

Below you will find the homework and in-class learning we will be completing in the week beginning on Monday 5th October. If you would like any help completing this work from home then please contact Mrs Down or Mrs Whalley via email or through the school office. 

Sort the words by class (adjectives, verbs, nouns, adverbs) in the quiz above. Can you write a list of adjectives?

Use adjectives and adverbs to describe these pictures of fires. 

Can you think of some verbs to describe the way fire moves? What about smoke?

We are writing poems about fires. Try writing an acrostic poem about smoke. (This is when you write the word smoke vertically down your page and each line starts with a word beginning with each letter. See my example for FIRE below.)

Flames flicker brightly
In the dark, it lights the night
Really hot and sometimes dangerous
Embers glowing between the logs. 

Place Value Video

In Art we have been sketching houses using charcoal but at home you could use sketch or writing pencils. 


In History we have been learning about sources of information - can you decide whether these sources of information would be useful to find out more about the great fire of London? Discuss your ideas with a grown-up if you can't print the worksheet. 

In Music we have been learning the words to "London's Burning." See if you can remember them and sing along. Can you make up actions to the song?

In PSHE we will be learning about the importance of focussing on what is happening in the moment. We will talk about mindfulness and how to focus on what is important and learn strategies for coping with our worries. 
Something we like to do to practise this is sit calmly and listen to a piece of music or story. See if you can cross your legs and sit still with your eyes closed while this song plays: