Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Andover Church of England Primary School

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Week Beginning: 05.10.20

This week we are introducing our new literacy book ‘Pongo’ by Jesse Hodgson.


Day 1

English Learning

Looking at the following photos from the rainforest please sequence the events. Please write down an initial first paragraph to summarise the sequence.


Maths Learning

We are concentrating on subtracting two-digit numbers from another. Please complete sheet provided, remember to use MyMaths and TopMarks as a mental maths starter. Please continue practising your 2's, 5's and 10's timetables. 


Day 2 

English Learning

Thinking back to our previous English text about Rangtang, please think about Rangtan’s character in the poem. Using continuum line please mark whether you thought Rangtan felt Unsafe/Safe, Lonely/Loved, Coward/Brave?

Please read the Pongo blurb and look at the front cover. The blurb reads

'Pongo lived deep in the dark dark depths of the rainforest. The trees grew so tightly together that hardly any sunshine ever reached down to the forest floor. The eponymous hero finds his way from the rainforest floor to the canopy on his search for the bright orange sun. On his way to the canopy he encounters different aspects of jungle life, all diverting his attention from the real sun from a curled up orange snake, to an orange honey-soaked bee hive.'

Using continuum lines  please indicate who do you think is the bravest character from the story? Why do you think this? Who is the rudest? Why?

Maths Learning

Please think about what I mean by 'inverse relationships' (hint: think about addition and subtraction, what is the relationship between these two functions). Please complete the sheet focusing on recognising the inverse relationships of subtraction and addition.


Day 3 

English Learning

Look again at blurb, pick out phrases/words to annotate. I have chosen to annotate ‘dark dark depths’ as I find the use of alliteration effective and exciting in the sentence.

Take a minute to think about what do you think I mean by a dweller? What might be a synonym for a dweller?


Please annotate the following paragraphs from the text to annotate.

Chose a few words you are unsure of using a dictionary.


Maths Learning

Today we will be focusing on solving number problems using number facts. Please use your knowledge of place value and addition/ subtraction to help you answer the following number problems.