LAST DAY - FRIDAY 23rd JULY. Normal finishing times.
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Week Beginning: 07.12.20

The work below outlines what we are doing in class this week.  Please ensure that alongside this you are reading with your child every day as they will be missing 1:1 reading and guided reading sessions.  Also, you can support their phonic development using the links on the main Year 1 page, Completing daily maths in everyday life such as board games, baking or even just using websites such as Top Marks to work on their number bond knowledge will also be extremely beneficial to them. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you require support.

Handwriting- We have noticed that there are some issues with number and letter formation and we are going to be using a daily approach to see if we can improve this.  Please can you support your child at home by encouraging the correct formation- start point, direction, end point- as outlined in your parent packs? We are sure they will crack it soon if we all work together! 


As you will see by the new installment in our playground, the children are really on board with our new topic of Christmas! We will be using this topic again this week to encourage enthusiasm for writing. 


Phonics- We do daily phonics in Year 1, and each group of children will be learning something slightly different.  If your child is absent, please email me and I can send you personalised planning for your child along with supporting links.


English- We will be using our very own Santa's workshop in the playground as a hook alongside this picture to get the children to write a setting description.  Unfortunately, adults don't have as much Christmas magic as children and so myself and Mrs Rolfe cannot see what is in the pictures as clearly as the children! They will need to describe the scene to us using as much description as possible.  The first stage is to work in groups to generate ideas and write adjective- noun banks.  Children will be able to orally rehearse and then write their sentences, describing what they can see. If you are at home, please don't miss the rehearsal stage- it is important that the children learn to hold their own sentence.  We will use sound buttons and tablets in school to record them if they are finding remembering their sentence tricky. 



Children should be able to use their sound mat (in your parent pack) to phonetically spell words, but if they have learned the key word, we would expect that to be correctly spelled in their writing and so would correct that.  Ask your child to check their work when they are done.  Have they used a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop? Have they used a single conjunction (eg and/but) in their sentence?


We are going to introduce question marks.  We will practise drawing them in a variety of ways and finish our task by writing a question to an elf.  We all know how busy Santa is at this time of year, so it makes sense to write to one of the many elves instead surely? 


Maths- We are going to be building on our knowledge of counting in 10s as well as 2s this week.  We will be counting objects eg money (2p/10p), dienes, Numicon etc.  Children will have to decide if they're counting in 2s or 10s by looking at what's inside the basket before counting, writing their answer and then checking it.  We will also be filling in missing numbers ( eg 2, 4, 6,  ,10, 12, 14, 16 ,    , 20 and even 90, 80,   , 60, 50    30). The children will be encouraged to do some independent maths too, exploring numbers between 0-100.


Music- We will be looking at some music related to the toys topic this week, thinking carefully about the beat.  If you are at home, you could  listen to some music with your adult and try to follow the beat using clapping! 


RE- As the time of year dictates, we shall be exploring the nativity.  We will be using cone puppets and a wooden scene to act it out and try to order the events.


PSHE- We are going to be building on our money knowledge from the past few weeks and think about the concept of want versus need.  We are going to work in groups to discuss items such as shoes, sweets, fruit and games and discuss why we think they are a want or need.