Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Week Beginning: 07.12.20

Monday English - Look at the passage of text below. Grandfather has written us a letter to tell us about a poorly penguin. Read the extract and think about what you would ask Grandfather if you could speak to him. Write five questions to ask Grandfather. Remember to use questioning words: who, what, when, where, why, how, which, does, if, could?


Dear Child, 
I decided to get out my one-iron and go golfing along the snow fairway. It is a difficult course to play. There are two crevasses on each side of the course, and if you hit your ball into them, it is lost forever. At the end of the snow fairway there is a red flag that marks where the hole is. You have to get your ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible. Unfortunately there is nobody I can play golf with here. Roo does not like golf and Jackson does not see the point of whacking a ball about in the snow.  So I play on my own. 

My first shot went in the sea. The second went down one of the crevasses. As I am running low on golf balls I decided to play just one last ball before I packed in. I took my aim at the red flag, kept my eye on the ball, and gave it a mighty whack with the one-iron. 

The ball rose high into the blue sky, hung still for a moment as if deciding what to do next, and then fell in a graceful arc, out of sight beyond the crevasses. It was a magnificent shot and I set off after it immediately, to play the next. 

I went carefully past the crevasses, because if you fall down there you're a goner. Then, in the distance ahead, I spied a small black shape, lying in the snow. As I got closer I realised that it was a little penguin, unconcscious, but still alive. Beside it lay my golf ball. I wrapped the penguin in my coat and zipped it up in my golf bag, and set off to the cabin as quickly as I could. 


Tuesday English - You will be writing the next letter to the child in the role of Grandfather. Your letter needs to explain how you looked after the poorly penguin and will tell the child whether the penguin has recovered. If he has recovered what might you (in the role of Grandfather) do next?
Plan your letter by thinking of 3 or 4 main points to include. Write these in bullet point form ready for the next lesson. 

Wednesday English - You will be writing your letter to the child in the role of Grandfather. Explain what happened to the penguin next and how he is feeling now. 

Thursday English - Spend this lesson reading your letter back carefuly. Check for common errors such as missing out full stops or capital letters. Think about adding more detail to your letter or using different words (synonyms) to make you letter more engaging and effective. 
Friday English - Publish your letter by writing it up neatly on to some paper. You may want to try and write in a handwriting style which you think Grandfather would use, or you may want to find or make an envelope to write the child's address on. 

Monday Maths - Use the following website link to look at two or three digit numbers. Write down the value of the highlighted digits:

A good place to start is Level 2 > Digit Values > Up to 99 

Then show the value of the following numbers by making and drawing them:  54,  32,  25,  100,  210,  99,  84,  117,  171,  232,  250,  500.
You might find this website useful as it gives you dienes to manipulate online:


Tuesday Maths - Download the document below and either print it or write out each question to compare and order the numbers. Look very carefully at each of the digits - particularly in the 3-digit numbers. Remember what each of the symbols mean: 

<  less than    > more than     = equal to 

Wednesday Maths - Use the hundred square below to help you find 10 more or less than these numbers: 34,  56,  78,  90,  30,  32,  23,  12,  19,  79,  40. Record the numbers and calculations on your paper. 



Use the video below to help you think about how we would add and subtract 100 from a number using our column method. 

Now see if you can answer the addition and subtraction questions in the document attached below: 

Thursday Maths - Using what you learned yesterday, see if you can complete some of 10/100 more or less cards for the following numbers: 
120,  230,  250,  500,  850,   600,   718,   921,   213,   222,   244,   333,   314

Friday Maths - Use your learning from this term to try some of these challenge cards for Number Place Value. 
Monday Topic - PE: Use the following videos to keep your body healthy and learn your times tables at the same time!

3X Tables:

11X Tables:

8X Tables:

Tuesday Topic - French: 
In French we will be learning the names of classroom equipment. Use the video below to help you learn the names of the classroom equipment. Draw a picture of your school bag and see if you can label the things you might put inside. 

Wednesday Topic - RE: We have been learning about the creation story in RE and all of the wonderful things Christians believe God made for us to enjoy. Create a poster at home to encourage people to look after our world. 

Thursday Topic - Computing: Use paint to create your own Christmas image. You could send your finished picture to your teacher. If you don't have paint installed on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone then you can use this website:

Friday Topic - In school we will be learning to mix paints to make different colours. You could do a similar activity if you have paints. If not you could use colouring pencils and overlap and blend colours to create an image of your own.