Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Week Beginning: 07.12.20


We are looking at the book Coming Home. Look at the cover below. What does this tell you about the book?



What does home mean to you? Draw an outline of a house. Split it into 4 sections. In each section, write what you can see, hear, feel and smell in your home.


Watch the video of Coming Home. What time of year is it? How do you know? What type of language has been used? What do you know about a robin? Use the outline of the robin to collect ideas. Inside the robin outline, write what you think the robin would feel and think. Outside the robin outline, write what the robin looks like.



Look at the page below. This is the Fisherman. What do you think he is like from the image? What do the colours tell you? Can you complete the sheet below? Fill in the thought bubbles with what the robin might be thinking. Can you write both positive and negative thoughts?


Choose an English garden bird to research. Can you complete the fact file about it? You can use the template below to help you.


Watch the video below. Can you write a set of instructions to match this? Make sure you have clear steps and include the equipment you need.




Angles on a straight line equal 180 degrees. Can you complete the missing angles questions below? Remember you might need to add more than one known angle together before finding the unknown one.


Look at the presentation. It will show you what translation is. Can you complete the activity below to move shapes correctly? Remember to move each corner individually before drawing the new shape.


Find a mirror in your house. Hold an object in front of it. It is the reverse of what you see in real life. Look at the presentation, which shapes are reflections? Then complete the activity to reflect different shapes.


Complete the various problem solving activities, using your knowledge from last week and this week.


Complete the various problem solving questions. Use your knowledge from last week and this week to help you.



Monday - PSHE

Look through the presentation. What do you learn about tax? Can you create a poster to explain where money paid through tax goes.


Tuesday - Science

Look at the presentation on pulleys. What do you learn about them? Can you try to make your own one?


Complete the tasks below based on what you have learnt about Vikings and Anglo-Saxons. Answer the final question, who would you rather be and why.

Thursday - French

Look at the presentation. What do you learn about pizza and the toppings? Can you complete the task to make your own pizzas?