Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Week Beginning: 09.11.20

Grade 3 Math #3.6, Commutative Property Arrays

The Commutative Property with arrays to show how forward or backward, the product is the same.

Partitive division

Karen shares pistachios to Ariel's best friends!

Barnsole's Bedtime Stories: Big Bear, Little Brother (Read by Mrs Walker)

Mrs Walker reads Big Bear, Little Brother by Carl Norac. "On the ice, the wind is blowing gently and Big Bear has paused for a moment on his journey. Suddenl...

Adam and Eve Sin

This animated Bible story for kids is based on Genesis 3

English 1


Please watch the video clips of the polar bear. Please unpick some of the language and write down some key vocabulary. Please use a dictionary to identify and define the words. Then please place words on continuums.


Maths 1

Please watch the video on division and answer the following questions using partitive division. This means division where we know how many is in each group but we don't know how many groups. Then please answer the questions. 


English 2

Please look at Minik’s face after being caught by the bear. Please write down three words to describe how Minik might be feeling. Then please look at the blurb. What do you think the story is about? Please write a detailed prediction about the story. Now look at the image of the pair hugging with title. How does this change our predictions of the story? Please watch the whole story. Finally what do you think Minik will do next? Do you think he would tell anyone about his adventure? Why?


Maths 2

Please watch the video on commutativity in maths and try and pause the video and answer the question before the video. Please then complete the mix and match array questions before trying the words based maths array questions. Remember to use resources to help you and to count in multiples to make adding easier. 


English 3

Recap on the story by watching the video, write down 5 questions that you would want to ask Minik about his experience with the polar bear. Ensure you use question marks and chose different question sentence starters. 


Maths 3

Now please draw arrays for the 3 and 4 times tables, showing both commutative ways. For example, demonstrating that it doesn't matter which order the numbers go in the number sentence. Then please complete the sheet comparing arrays. 


English 4

Please look at the images of the polar bear staring at the mural in the zoo. Look at both two different headlines and first paragraphs of articles with different spins on the picture. Which one do you believe? Why? Does this highlight how important our perceptions are? How does it highlight the importance of language? Does this happen in our newspapers? What about on the news? Please write a few sentences for each question justifying your answers. 


Now please look at the image of the rainbow bear in the zoo. What could our headlines be? Please create two different headlines. How do you think the different headlines would make readers feel or think? Write your responses to this question in their books.


Maths 4

Please watch the video and use the fraction wall to help you answer the fraction questions. Please use resources to help you, you can divide a piece of paper equally into a number of objects to create and compare fractions. 


English 5

The printers at (Icebergs Printing Press Ltd.) have printed a few news stories without first checking them for errors. You must please go through the articles and check them for errors. Please work on the different texts to edit and proof read.
Can  you rewrite one of the headlines or paragraphs using language which they think is more effective for the reader?


Maths 5

Please continue to watch the video and use the fraction wall to help you answer the fraction questions. Please use resources to help you, you can divide a piece of paper equally into a number of objects to create and compare fractions. Remember to write down your workings to help you. 




Please watch the video and think about what did Adam and Eve show about human nature and how to act? Please list these and then draw a picture explaining your answers. Please think about the tree of knowledge  and the importance of this in the story. 


Please think about the following scenario: you are at the supermarket having completed a weekly shopping trip, you arrive at the till, how will you pay? Please list some ideas. Now think back on last weeks learning about where money comes from and the importance of having a job.  Think about another job you may wish to do. Explain what makes you a good person for your job. Write down your attributes that you have as a person! Now, think about what other skills you have and discuss another job your skills could allow you to do. 


Please practise your sketching and line drawing of animals that you may find in the Antarctica. Make sure you take your time carefully sketching an outline. Also, if you have colouring pencils, crayons or paints try to paint the midnight sky around your polar bear or other Antarctic animal.