Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Week Beginning: 09.11.20




Look at the image below. This is a picture of the feast from Beowulf. Write down what you would be able to see, hear, smell, taste and touch. Using these ideas, pretend you are at the feast, write a diary entry about it. Try to use an example of each sense you have already written down.

You can use the starter below to help you:

Dear Diary,

Tonight they had a feast for me. The great hall was packed full of people from warriors to servants. I could barely squeeze passed everyone to greet the King. The room was filled with a rich smell of salted meat and warm mead.



Look at the image below. Can you explain what a fronted adverbial is? Can you create some sentences using the fronted adverbials below?




Complete the questions on fronted adverbials. The document can be printed off or the work can be copied on to paper.


Read the text about Grendel's mother. Why does she want revenge? Look at the image of Grendel's mother. Can you write down things about her appearance, personality and motives for revenge?



Look back at your work from yesterday. You are going to write a new ending for Beowulf called The Revenge of Grendel's Mother. Think about what Grendel's mother is going to do before you start to write. Will Beowulf defeat her?


This week, we are learning about fractions. Look at the image below to remind yourself what a fraction is.




Watch the video about equivalent fractions. What are they? Can you find the equivalent fractions using the fraction wall below?




Can you order the fractions below based on your knowledge of equivalent fractions? One star is the easiest questions and 3 stars the hardest. This can completed on the sheet or on your own paper.




Watch the video below on adding and subtracting fractions. What do you notice about how the numerator and denominator change?

Complete the worksheet on adding and subtracting fractions. If you cannot print it, copy them on to your own paper.


The image below shows you what a mixed number is and what an improper fraction is. What do you notice?

Complete the questions, can you find an easy way to remember how to change between mixed numbers and improper fractions?



Do you remember how we add and subtract fractions? Have a go at solving the word problems below. You can draw pictures to help you.



Monday PSHE

This week we are thinking about value for money. Look at the scenario cards, which deal would you choose and why?

Tuesday Science

Watch the video below. What do you learn about air resistance? Can you create your own spinners, using the templates below, to investigate how size impacts the effect of air resistance on an object?

Wednesday Topic

Can you create your own Viking timeline? You can use the resource below to help you. Can you research an event in more detail and write a fact file about it?

Thursday French

Look through the presentation about a cafe's opening hours. Can you then complete the opening hours activity sheet?

Friday Art

This week, we are looking at the dragon's eye. Can you use the picture below to help you sketch your own dragon eyes? Now add shading to your dragon eyes. If you struggle, you can use the templates below.